Leadership – 10 Dateless Lessons for Leaders to Increase Influence

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Leadership — “Entrepreneurship just isn’t a business term anymore; it’s a way of life.” …

Leadership – 10 Dateless Lessons for Leaders to Increase Influence

Strengthen Your Influence

It doesn’t matter what you know but what you do with what you know. We are always striving to strengthen our influence in the marketplace, whether that would be offline or online.

If you feel stagnate or feel that things are not moving in the direction you thought it should, then it is time to step back. Look to see what opportunities are around you. Sometimes we only see what we want to see and not the vast amount of opportunities that is presented before us.

I found this great article on how to expand your influence. This article shared 10 timeless lessons that any leader can adapt into their business.

Rather than go through all 10 lessons, … I’m going to direct you to the article by Glenn Llopis from In it you’ll find lessons he has used for years to expand his influence.

Expand Your Influence With 10 Timeless Leadership Lessons —

Leaders must take more time to stop, reflect and assess their own thinking, capabilities and aptitudes. They must evaluate how their leadership brand is being perceived by others and whether or not it has grown tired and requires a tune-up. Leaders must take pause and reach out to those before them who have already lived the situations they are about to experience themselves – and embrace these perspectives as nuggets of wisdom in preparation for what lies ahead of them.

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Who Do You Hang Around

Ask yourself, are the people I hang around elevating my strong points, or only pointing out my weaknesses? You have to decide if the value of that person is moving you towards your goals or keeping you from reaching them. This is one of lesson we all can use to determine who you should be hanging around.

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