List Building — A Guide to Growing Your Marketing List

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List Building — ““Opting in” is how people add themselves to your email list.” …

List Building — A Guide to Growing Your Marketing List

One tip: Offer a Giveaway

To make money online, you need to find people who are hungry for your product and/or service. List Building is simply gathering names and email addresses of those people, creating the perfect audience.

People love to get things for free; therefore, find something to give away. It really doesn’t matter what it is, your goal is to get people to fill out your opt-in form.

I came across this great article from that offers five tips to growing your email marketing list. Following these tips will definitely make your list grow quicker.

Your Guide to Building a Profitable Email Marketing List —

The call-to-action is essential, but also ridiculously simple. You just need to end each article or blog post with a direct command to your reader letting them know what they should do next.

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Stay Consistent

It can take up to six or seven times for someone to see your offer before they will even consider filling out an opt-in form. By being consistent in advertising your lead capture page, your audience will start to notice you. They will become curious; eventually filling out that form just to see what you are doing. Now, you are building a list of hungry prospects.

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