List Building — Five Ingredents to Building Your List

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List Building — “Because you are building your list via email, you must be prepared to give people time and opportunity to get to know you and what you represent. ” …

List Building — Five Ingredents to Building Your List

One Tip: Utilize an Auto Responder

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As long as there has been computer, emails have always been a very reliable means to keep in touch with your subscribers and potential clients. The key is to keep your list loyal and engaged.

Even though emails are reliable, people may need more time to get to know you and trust you enough to go check out what you have to offer. This may take days, weeks, months or even years. Your purpose is to continue building your list and those who get what you are offering will step forward.

Rather than go through all five (5) ingredients to building a strong list, … I’m going to direct you to a great article by R. Kay Green from In it you’ll find a great source of information about chlorophyll and how best to make sure you’re incorporating it into your diet correctly.

To Email or Not to Email: Is Email Marketing Relevant to your Businesses’ Bottom-Line? —

Engagement is the name of the game in the new millennium. It is all about networking and building relationships with your consumers with some form of continual contact. One of the best means of communication is by email. If you are not building a strong, reliable email list, you are making a big mistake!

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Frequency of Sending Emails

Everyone have different opinions on how often to send out emails. Some will say “whenever you have something to say.” Others may suggest setting up a mailing schedule of weekly or bi-monthly. Either way, the bottom line is not to become just another spammer. Make sure your emails are on topics your subscribers would be interested in reading.

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