List Building — How to Leverage From Other People’s Audiences

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List Building — “Interviewing people is great, but so is getting interviewed…” …

List Building — How to Leverage From Other People’s Audiences

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Ok, it’s your first time on the internet and decided to start a home base business. Everywhere you turn, all you hear is that you need to BUILD A LIST! By building a list, you are building an audience that is giving you permission to share valuable content with them.

However, you need to start somewhere. By presenting awesome content to other people’s audiences will start to get you noticed and gain their trust. Be sure to find audiences that is on the same topic as your content.

Eric Enge from wrote a great artile that I like to direct you to. In it he explains the smart way to use other people’s audience to build your own. Eric also shares seven criterias to using this strategy.

The Smart Way to Use Other People’s Audiences to Build Your Own —

It’s critical that you build an audience that is relevant to what you do, so the OPA you seek out should be interested in the types of topics that are relevant to your business.

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Garbage In, Garbage Out

Watch the company that you keep. When researching an audience, check and see what kind of other content is being posted. If all you see is garbage, then you don’t want your stuff on that site.

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