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Learn the secrets behind the success of the “Queen of List Building” and so much more!

Calgary-June 20, 2014 – Janet Legere has honed her skills as a premier internet marketer for over 15 years. In a powerful, tell-all interview, Janet shares her wealth of knowledge and strategic communication skills that yield results. She teaches a step by step checklist including all aspects of building a list and capitalizing on all the internet has to offer. This interview is a game changer. By the end of this interview, you will understand the importance of building a list and how to build lasting profitable relationships. This power-packed interview can only be seen at The Legends Network.

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Teaching people how to build a successful online business is Janet’s passion. She has the ability to take complicated, hard to understand concepts and break them down in to simple easy to understand steps. This extraordinary lady has always given freely of her time, knowledge, and compassion.  Janet has always been a believer in Universal laws and understanding why a positive mindset is important for the success of your business. She reveals how to change your mindset and change your life.  She and her husband, Don, have mentored thousands and built several online empires. Janet and Don have both been great believers in the importance of personal development for growth and success. The Legends Network has been added to the downline builder of Contact List Builder because of the numerous benefits

Contact List Builder (CLB) is the flagship company that Janet and Don Legere have built. CLB was started in July 2003 and has grown substantially over the years. This system allows you to earn as you learn. A simple 5 Steps to Success is the cornerstone of the program and leads you to success with a simple “copy and paste” system called Ready Set Go Marketing System. It also allows a unique feature that is not allowed in most programs. As you flow through the system and take advantage of all the features, you can build your primary business. CLB also offers unique training weekly, and Skype support from Janet herself and a team of leaders that she has mentored.

The Legends Network is the latest buzz and is taking the internet world by storm. It is a system that allows you to be able to learn from many of the most sought after brilliant minds online and offline today. Get connected and you will learn trade secrets on how to build an empire working from the comforts of home. Legends from around the globe are in the back office just waiting for you to discover how they control and dominate to create incomes that will truly rock your world!

If you are ready to expand your business to dizzying heights, please contact me.


Janet Legere

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