Managing Your Time — Steps to Take In Order to Reclaim Your Time

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Managing Your Time — “You can’t manage your time if you don’t know what your priorities are.” …

Managing Your Time — Steps to Take In Order to Reclaim Your Time

Working Long Hours Don’t Mean You Are Getting More Done

In today’s 24/7 World, it may seem like there is never enough time in the day to get everything accomplished. Instead of wishing for more hours in the day, learn to manage your time.

Time is a precious commodity and depending on how you manage your time, it will affect your life — as well as your work. By learning to prioritize your day, you will get a sense of accomplishment and be able to spend more time doing what you love to do, i.e., spending time with the family.

I came across this great article by Geri Stengel from about reclaiming your time. I’m going to direct you to this article where you can find more sources on how to reclaim your time in today’s busy world.

4 Tips For Reclaiming Your Time In A 24/7 World —

“Many women have a tendency to want to be perfect,” said Galinsky and Weisberg. “You’ve got to let go of stuff and be okay if things aren’t perfect… Perfect can be the enemy of good.”

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Team Approach is Most Effective

As a woman entrepreneur, just like being a mother and/or homemaker, we tend to take on more then humanly possible. By using a team approach, you will be able to delegate out certain tasks that will help you to reclaim your time.

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