Mobile Marketing and the Need for Responsive Designs

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Mobile Marketing – “The mobile first web design philosophy has been bandied around now for some years. When we first started to hear about it probably back in about 2009 or so, possibly a bit earlier I think its fair to say that many people were at first sceptical about the approach. One such person was of course Luke Wroblewski, author of Mobile First, and who in fact claims to have been the one who first coined the term.”

Responsive Web Design for Mobile Marketing

Mobile First is Imperative

We all know the impact that smartphones have on our lives. Heck most toddlers today can operate a smart phone. They have an innate ability when it comes to technology. Especially when they want to watch more Sesame Street on NetFlix. Teens? I think everyone has one. Me? I couldn’t see myself without one. It helps organize life and keeps me continually connected on-line. I am an on-line marketer after all.

Here are some quick statistics from 2011 for you. Lets begin with the number of smart phone devices sold each day. Remember these statistics are 5 years old!

  • 378K iPhones sold each day
  • 562K iOS devices sold each day
  • 700K Android Devices
  • 200K Nokia Devices
  • 143K Blackberry Devices

For reference there are 371K babies born each day.As marketers we have to adapt a mobile first approach and it starts with a responsive design for your website, products and services.

In this article, Spring Media Design delves further into the dramatic change marketers will face if they do not start to act now. As the popularity and technological advances of Smart Phones continue more people are connecting to the internet with their devices. Tablets and Smart Phones may just replace that laptop marketers are so fond of.

Enjoy the article.

The Importance Of Mobile First Web Design – Spring Media Design Ltd

Spring Media Design

In a recent blog post, Google officially announced that the search engine will be returning more mobile-friendly sites in SERPs as of April 21st 2015.

This comes straight from the horse’s mouth. As more and more people access the internet via their phones, then it of course makes perfect sense that Google will respond. After all, that keeps in perfect alignment with the company’s ethos – Google has always strove to be a user-first search engine, and so, now user’s are increasingly using their mobiles first to search the internet, then it is the mobile-first web pages that will be thus climbing the rankings.

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Get Mobile Marketing Smarts

We did a post titled Social Media Marketing and the Unofficial Death of Google+ on our Curation Works blog where we talked about some of the changes that are occurring at Google right now. And one of those big changes is that unless your site is mobile friendly chances are you will begin to see a drop in your rankings.So for smart marketers who want to stay on the leading edge of marketing its time to get mobile!

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