NEW Sponsoring Contest at CLB

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Sponsoring Contest at CLB

The reach for 6,000 members and 100 new Premium Members

Prizes will be awarded for Most Referrals AND Most New Upgrades

Contest Begins January 1, 2014 and ends when we reach our Goal of 6,000 Members and 100 Premium Subscribers.

Prizes will be awarded randomly throughout the duration of the contest as well as at the end of the contest!

Let the games begin!

Prizes will include CASH!, Downline members in CLB, Credits in our programs, Lifetime memberships, Solo Ads ¬†… and whatever prizes our partners decide to offer … I will be approaching them ūüôā

From Michael Camire

Songbird Clicks: 1000 traffic credits
Crystal Surf: 1000 traffic credits
Wizard Power Ads: 3 solo ads
Wizards Lair Viral Mailer: 500 mailing credits

From John Jarvis

A2Z SEO Course

From Eileen Harvey

Millionaire Surf: 500/1000/1000 Credits/Txt/Banner

From Janet Legere

PG Coop Solo Ad to our 2200+ members
Extreme Solo Ad to 37,000+
25,000 Credits at PG Coop
SuperCharged Solo Ad (1000 Clicks)

If you are a “partner” of Contact List Builder or Prospect Geyser and wish to offer a “prize” in our contest, please post a comment with your prize details.

YOUR feedback is welcomed …. contest begins as of January 1 – all current referrals and upgrades from January on count for this contest.

Current Standings

As of January 31, 2014

Member Count = 6055

Sponsoring Leaders

Kevin Keates   76
Bonnie Waters 33
Ruth Hill 33
Shirley Schwartz 28
Wayne Randall 20
Philly P. 18
Tina Schraier 15
Brian VanRyckeghem 14
Diane Pfeil 12
Heron Johnson 7
Adrienne Franklin 6
Georgia Jenkins 5
Marshall Baldwin 5
Yaacov Gafni 5
Brenda Lewis 4
Eileen Harvey 3
Denis Charest 2
Maurice Wagner 2
Ernestine Emery 2
Bert Daniels 2
Hyacinth King 2
Jenny Fletcher 2
Reggie Auzenne 2
Rob Gehring 1
John Jarvis 1
James Stone 1
Michael Camire 1
George Kelly 1
Jonathan Hayes 1
Vincent DeThomas 1
Randy Whitehorne 1
Dean Hamblin 1
Brenda Hall 1
Lawrence Krakow 1
Jaye Pause 1
Erica LaRoss 1
Bobby Stewart 1
Roger Gladman 1
Timothy Bloom 1
Richard Kowalski 1
AnnaLiza Andaya 1

WINNERS of the Sponsoring Contest

1.  Kevin Keates РOne SOLO to 40,000; 25,000 PGC Credits, 5,000 PGC Credits, A2Z SEO Course
2.  Bonnie Waters РOne SOLO to 40,000; 25,000 PGC Credits
2.  Ruth Hill РOne SOLO to 40,000; 25,000 PGC Credits
3.  Shirley Schwartz РOne SOLO to 40,000; Millionaire Surf: 500/1000/1000 Credits/Txt/Banner
4.  Wayne Randall РOne SOLO to 40,000; Wizard Power Ads: 3 solo ads
5.  Philly P. РOne SOLO to 40,000; Wizards Lair Viral Mailer: 500 mailing credits
6.  Tina Schraier РOne PGC Solo Ad; 25,000 PGC Credits; 5,000 PG Traffic Credits; PG Traffic Start Page (one week)
7. ¬†Brian VanRyckeghem –¬†One PGC Solo Ad;¬†25,000 Credits at PG Coop;¬†25,000 PGC Credits
8. ¬†Diane Pfeil –¬†One PGC Solo Ad; Songbird Clicks: 1000 traffic credits
9.  Heron Johnson РOne PGC Solo Ad; Crystal Surf: 1000 traffic credits
10.  Adrienne Franklin РOne PGC Solo Ad; 5,000 PG Traffic Credits

Congratulations to our winners and congratulations to everyone who sponsored in January! ¬†We grew by 490 members in January – can we beat that number in February? ¬†…


Leaders Who Sponsored New Premium Upgrades

Rob Gehring
Dana Laine
Diane Pfeil
James Stone
Shirley Schwartz
Doria Musaga
Ronald Eddins
Brian VanRyckeghem
Wayne Randall
Hyacinth King
Bonnie Waters
Philly P.

CLB Premium Upgrade


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  1. Michael Camire  January 7, 2014

    Awesome contest, would like to ad the following contest prizes:

    Songbird Clicks: 1000 traffic credits
    Crystal Surf: 1000 traffic credits
    Wizard Power Ads: 3 solo ads
    Wizards Lair Viral Mailer: 500 mailing credits

    • Janet Legere  January 7, 2014

      Thank you Michael, that is MOST generous! I’ll get them added to the list of prizes.

  2. Philly  January 7, 2014

    Wow, Michael you ROCK. Thank you!

  3. John Jarvis  January 9, 2014

    Hi Janet.

    Contests are fun!

    I sold a training course in SEO a few weeks ago in
    the Warrior Forum and I’d like to offer it as a prize.

    I created it for anyone from beginner to semi-advanced
    and showed a few tricks I’ve learned over the years.

  4. John Jarvis  January 9, 2014

    Oops…the course is called A2Z SEO

  5. Eileen Harvey  January 9, 2014

    Hi Janet,
    This is a Great Contest!
    Add the following Prize :
    Millionaire Surf 500/1000/1000 Credits/Txt/Banner

  6. Tina Schraier  January 13, 2014

    Thanks all.. what wonderful prizes.

    Tina Schraier


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