Online Marketing – 3 Possible Challenges Troubling Online Marketers

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Online Marketing – ” Online marketing is not one thing, but rather, a combination of smaller campaigns that work together.” …

Online Marketing – 3 Possible Challenges Troubling Online Marketers

Find Balance in Your Marketing

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As an online marketer, you need to learn how to juggle several campaigns at once. These online marketing campaigns will consist of social marketing, content sharing and SEO.

While working with these campaigns, there are several challenges that are troubling all marketers working online. I am sure I can come up with a long list, however, I came across this great article that really explains the three biggest challenges in online marketing.

Rather than go through the challenges here, … I’m going to direct you to the article from In it you’ll find a great source of information about the the three biggest challenges: Optimizing for Mobile Users, Social Media Management and Effectively Implementing SEO.

3 Biggest Challenges in Online Marketing —

You want to post things to Facebook that will engage conversations, likes and shares. However, Twitter is tailored more to small bits of information or links to information. Twitter also tolerates multiple posts a day, while Facebook users get annoyed by companies that post too often.

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Manage Your Social Media

With all the different social sites out there, managing your social media can become a full time job — just in itself. You have to know what the users are expecting in each social media arena. Some may only want short quick info, like in Twitter; however, others may want you to provide content that will get people engaged in discussions. Find the balance between your social media so you are not spending hours and hours on just social marketing.

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