Opportunity Marketing — How to Get the Message Out “Just in Time”

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Opportunity Marketing — “Real “Just In Time” messages are targeted quite carefully so they’re even more powerful.” …

Opportunity Marketing — How to Get the Message Out “Just in Time”

Anticipate Customer’s Needs

Your job as a marketer is to get your offer to the right buyer just in time of when they need it. Here is an example of what I mean. I live in Florida and right now we are in the hurricane season.

For weeks, there has been a lot more advertisements geared towards being prepared for a nasty season. These marketers anticipated the needs of their customers for added supplies just in time for hurricane season.

Rather than explain on this post how to get the message out to your buyers “just in time”, … I’m going to direct you to a great article by Louis Geller from In it you’ll find a great source of information about ways to anticipate what your customers what and getting your offer in front of them “just in time”.

Gotcha! Opportunity Marketing Done Very Well —

A lot of Just In Time opportunities are obvious. New school year, tax season, Christmas. Those fields are pretty crowded and always will be.

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Piggy Back off Other Offers

It has been proven that when someone buys a house, they are also going to want to replace some of their furniture, electronics, appliances and all the little essentials to make the new home inviting. This is a great opportunity to watch the housing market to find potential buyers just in time to present your offer. Always keep your options open to locating new customers. It just takes a little research.

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