PayPal in Banned Countries? Payoneer to the Rescue

“Do you live in Pakistan & want to own a PayPal account? PayPal is not available for many countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ghana, Haiti to name a few.”

Verified PayPal

For For Banned Countries?

This is pretty interesting. According to an article in Shoutmeloud, by Mansoor it is possible. As internet marketers we have all know the importance PayPal plays in our day to day business. Without it many of us would be out of business.

Payoneer to the Rescue

So how do you go ...

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Holding out on a Mobile Responsive Website?

“When it comes to search on mobile devices, users should get the most relevant and timely results, no matter if the information lives on mobile-friendly web pages or apps, said Google in a recent blog post. As more people use mobile devices to access the internet, our algorithms have to adapt to these usage patterns.”

What Google’s Algorithm Change Means for Holdouts on Mobile Responsive Websites

We highly recommend that anyone who is marketing online ...

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Two Helpful Tips for Competitive Advantage

“Your competitive advantage is that special something about your business that makes you shine above the competition. It’s the one thing that helps a customer choose you when deciding to make a purchase.”.

Maximize Your Competitive Advantage

Small Actions Provide Big Results

You work from home. An entrepreneur. A small business looking for that sharp edge that creates competitive advantage. We talk a lot about competitive advantage at the Contact List Builder we call it Know, Like and Trust. Its about taking the ...

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CLB Simple Success Tips


At Contact List Builder (CLB), our process and setup really is very simple.



At CLB, we give you step by step instructions how to copy a campaign code into the GVO/Pure Leverage auto-responder, Create an Optin Form, copy a code to AdKreator to create a pre-designed capture page, edit the page with YOUR form, YOUR picture, YOUR name and YOUR Skype ID.

In other words, your ...

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Understanding the Downline Builder

The Contact List Builder Downline Builder

One of the first things that people get hung up on is the Downline Builder. They go in and join every program on the list and then claim they are overwhelmed and confused and it’s no wonder. My goodness, your inbox would be over flowing with instructions of things to do, not to mention all those distractions inside every program.

Today, I am here to dispel all the ...

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The Evolving Business

“Who better to look up to than Richard Branson for inspiration. In Richards mind business can do better and he is doing something about it.”

Can Business Really Serve the People, Planet, and Still Make Profits?

Introducing Plan B


It is exciting to see business leaders like Richard Branson take a leading role toward evolutionary benevolent change for people and the natural planet. I am sure Richard understands the level of destruction of ...

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High Quality Products Services and Tools

Contact List Builder Provides The Best in Products and Services

I really love this business and when people like James post unsolicited messages such as this in our groups, it brings tears to my eyes.  This is why I do what I do …

Janet & Don, this is what attracted me to Contact List Builder to begin with. It was very obvious to me from the very beginning that CLB stood for, encouraged and enforced the highest of Quality Products, Services ...

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4 Corners Alliance Group added to CLB Downline Builder

Yes, that’s right! Contact List Builder has added 4 Corners to our Downline Builder!  Why?  I thought you would ask that question.

Janet Legere, owner of CLB has waited a long time to see a system like this and knew it would be a great fit along side of the Ready Set Go Marketing System!

We are very excited to be using this powerful system to help our members finally make some money online.

Listen, I know you hear it day in and day out and don’t know which ...

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Email Marketing Still Most Effective Marketing Tool

“While social media gets all the attention for having a huge user base, the reach of email is actually much higher.” …

Email Marketing Still Most Effective Marketing Tool

Top 3 Methods in Building Email List

email effective
Even with Facebook and Twitter on the rise of users, studies show email marketing is still the most effective way to rely your message. With approximately 4 billion email accounts world wide, the number is expected ...

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