Facebook Marketing for 2016

The Evolution of Facebook Marketing

Facebook can be an extremely powerful prospecting platform

From a marketing point of view, Facebook can be an extremely powerful prospecting platform. Unfortunately the majority of marketers have it all wrong. This weeks Facebook Marketing Wrap up we have selected the following articles to give you a more solid footing when developing your Facebook Marketing Strategy.

The first article we will take at look at the background statistics on Facebook marketing. This will give you an idea of ...

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Holiday Email Marketing Tips

“Adobe predicts this year’s online holiday sales will reach a record $83 billion, an 11-percent year-over-year increase compared to last year. With so much up for grabs between now and the end of the year, Internet marketers should already be setting their email marketing campaigns into action.”

Get Your Email Marketing Campaigns Active Now

There is one thing that I know for sure and that is we are heading to that part of the year where the greatest potential for profit exists. ...

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CLB Training Videos Added and More

CLB Update

This week’s update includes the following.

  • Weekly Training Videos Added to Members Area
  • Training Videos Added to Blog
  • Youtube Channel added to Blog
  • Register for Wednesday Hangout
  • Invite your guest to our Monday Presentation

Weekly Training Videos Added to Members Area

We are excited about our new Training series. Our first video is now added to the members area in the Downline Builder section. In this video, I talk about your Primary Business and the CLB Downline Builder.

To access the video in your members area, click ...

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New Training Hangout

Contact List Builder Training Hangout

Beginning on Wednesday, November 18, 2015, we will be holding our CLB Member Training in a Google Hangout.

New Training Series

Our new series of training calls will be on the following topics based on our Downline Builder:

  • Your Auto-Responder – How to use the shared code with GVO and how to setup the campaign manually
  • Your Lead Capture Page – How to use the shared code in Adkreator to create your personally branded capture page
  • Your Tracker – How to setup ...
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The Top 6 Advantages of having a Home-Based Business

Home-based businesses have proven to be one of the best business start-ups. With a good goal-setting attitude and strong discipline, one can easily enjoy the benefits that home-based business brings.”

Home-based businesses have proven to be one of the best business start-ups. With a good goal-setting attitude and strong discipline, one can easily enjoy the benefits that home-based business brings.

Home-Based Business Awesomeness

Running a home based business can give you much more than simple financial gain. Much more. Janet and ...

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CLB Live Training & Presentations Return

The Return of Live Training at Contact List Builder

Starting November 2, 2015, Contact List Builder will offer a Presentation Webinar on Mondays at 7:00 PM Eastern and then a Members Only training on Tuesdays at Noon Eastern.

We do it this way so that our guests have the time to join Contact List Builder and attend a training right away the next day.

I’d love to get your feedback on the times, please use the comment section. Let us know if another ...

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Facebook’s Lead Ads: A Real Small Business Booster

“Whether businesses want to encourage people to sign up for their newsletter, an offer, an event or more information about their product, lead ads simplify the mobile signup process, helping businesses hear from people interested in their business.”

Facebook’s Lead Ads: A Real Small Business Booster

One of the things a small business owner must do, is keep an eye on the trends happening in the social media technology space. Facebook for example, is looking to grab a big slice of the ...

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Got Backup Added To Downline Builder


Got Backup Is A MUST Have Tool

As of Sunday, October 25, Got Backup is now a resident in our CLB Downline Builder. I believe Got Backup is an essential tool for your business and personal files. It is SO simple to setup and use, anyone can do this! They offer complete training on how to setup Got Backup for your devices.

You can choose a single account or a family account. The family ...

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5 Legal Must-Haves for Your Website – Copyblogger

“Most of your customers don’t walk around handing out their credit card information and home addresses to shady characters on the street. In fact, most people these days wouldn’t even give their email addresses to those they don’t really know. Ditto on the Internet.”

The Legalities of Online Marketing

Are you marketing a product or service on line? Are you building a subscriber list? If you are there are several legal requirements that you must adhere to. Rachel Rodgers is an intellectual property ...

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The Beginner’s Guide to Business Planning

“Most kids make extra cash by setting up a lemonade stand, but one little girl has much bigger ambitions and knows exactly how to make her dreams come true.”

This 9-Year-Old Girl’s 7 Step Business Plan is Guaranteed to Work for Anyone!

Success is found in the simplicity of things. Rylee, a 9-year-old, lists the 7 things she has to get done to start a successful business. When this article appeared in the Huffington Post we had to share it here on the ...

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