PayPal in Banned Countries? Payoneer to the Rescue

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“Do you live in Pakistan & want to own a PayPal account? PayPal is not available for many countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ghana, Haiti to name a few.”

Verified PayPal

For For Banned Countries?

This is pretty interesting. According to an article in Shoutmeloud, by Mansoor it is possible. As internet marketers we have all know the importance PayPal plays in our day to day business. Without it many of us would be out of business.

Payoneer to the Rescue

So how do you go about getting a Verified PayPal account in banned countries? As it turns out, it can be as easy as applying for a Payoneer card. Once you have that in hand, the PayPal Account Verification is done with a few simple steps.

The following article written by Monsoor provides a step by step overview of how to verify your PayPal account in a banned country.

How to Create Verified PayPal Account in Banned Countries


Today you guys are going to learn that “How to Create Verified PayPal account in Banned Countries?” As many of you may know that PayPal needs Bank account/debit card verification for verifying the PayPal’s account, and we’ll be using Payoneer US Payment Service for its verification.

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Legal Disclaimer

We have no way to know what PayPal thinks about all of this, however, before going through the process it best to ask.

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