Premium Member Training Call — Commitment and Accountability

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accountabilityThis is the type of training you will receive as a premium member of Contact List Builder.  On today’s training call, we talked about commitment and accountability.

When we get into business for ourselves, we tend to allow everyday stuff to get in the way. The phone will ring, so you stop to chat.  You get a notification from social media site and you go to check it out.

In order to move forward in your business, you must have a commitment to follow through with your daily action plan.  Set time for only your business and let others know you are building your business during that time frame.

Once you make that commitment, then the next step is accountability. Are you holding yourself accountable for the action or lack there of in your business?

One way to help hold yourself accountable is by being part of a group.  Our premium members have committed to follow a daily plan of action of increasing our Skype contacts and have 1 to 5 actual conversations with their prospects every day.

Now that we made the commitment, we will be holding ourselves accountable by reporting our results in the CLB Support groups on a daily basis.  This is how teams work together to reach a common goal.

As a business owner, it is your job to search and find people whom you would want to do business with. So often, we hear, “I don’t know how to approach a prospect”.

Our very own, Jenny Fletcher, shared a message that you can use to connect with prospects.  It ‘s a way to let your prospect know what you are looking for but putting the decision in their hands.

Another Example of Permission Based Marketing

I’m just touching base with some of my IBO associates to see who’s open to looking at an opportunity. Most people are doing well in their current and want to add to their portfolio. Others are not doing well & want to see what else is out there that’s actually generating an income. If you are open, hit me back and I can share or you can visit my site on my profile page. All the info is there as well. Thanks and have a great day!

With this approach, you are addressing the seasoned network marketer as well as the new marketer.  Remember, your job is to sift through the prospects and locate the ones whom you are wanting to do business.

If you are not a member of CLB, I encourage you to join one of our premium members by clicking the CLB Rotator. Contact List Builder is committed to helping you grow your business.

Happy Prospecting!

Enjoy a replay of today’s premium training webinar

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  1. Maurice C Wagner  September 6, 2014

    What a great article, Tamra. We have to realize to be successful we need to work as a team, feeding off each others strengths, sharing information, focusing on the bigger picture. Thanks for sharing your post with us.

  2. marva Brooks  September 6, 2014

    If I had been as committed to my business as I have been with my 10 green smoothie cleanse (Lifestyle change) my business would be rock-in! I have lost over 17lbs in 14 days. I am on maintains mode and feeling great! I now realize no mater how much you have on your plate, if you are committed to doing something, that there is a way to do it.


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