Self-Motivated — Success will Arrive as Long as You Are Self-Motivated

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Self-Motivated — “People who are self-motivated are even more resilient to setbacks and challenges that arise and thus are happier.”

Self-Motivated — Success will Arrive as Long as You Are Self-Motivated

Success Comes from Within

So what’s the difference between motivation and self-motivation? Self-motivation comes from within a person who has the willingness to change. Motivation is an external stimuli and will only last as long as you stay near that stimuli.

Even in hard times, setbacks and challenges, someone who is self-motivated still sees the positive side of the situation. They control their thoughts to stay positive in a negative situation causing solutions to appear right before them.

Self-motivation is very important to any successful venture, whether in business and/or life. People cannot depend on outside sources to reach their goals. They are OUR goals and only we can motivate ourselves to do what it takes to find success.

I’m going to direct you to a great article I came across by Manar Al Hinai from In it you’ll find how successful people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs reached their goals by being self-motivated.

Stay self-motivated and success will surely follow — The National

When we take a look at successful people out there such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, we realise that what helped them succeed was self-motivation that was based on self beliefs and values that were so important to them.

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Look Within for Motivation

Once you realize the strength you have within yourself to stay motivated, you are on your way to finding success. Take time today and look inside and determine what goal you want to accomplish and find that self-motivation to reach that goal.

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  1. Philly  April 18, 2014

    Thank you for sharing that with us Tamra. Although I do consider myself to be self-motivated, external forces do sometimes tend to lessen my motivation. When the stuff hits the fan, it can be difficult to maintain a positive outlook. I need to realize that I should not let those external factors sabotage my own belief in myself. I appreciate the wake up call. I’m sure this will also help many others reinforce their belief in their own potential. Thanks again.
    Ms Philly


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