Skype Group Discussion Results in Great Testimonials

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One of the advantages to upgrading to a premium member in Contact List Builder is being part of our Upgraded Members Skype Group.  This is where we share ideas, discuss strategies and support each other.

You never know what will come out of one of these Skype group meetings.  Here are a few inspiring testimonials that resulted from one of our most recent discussions.

When I started 6 years ago to find how to make money online, it was my goal to find a way. Since I have been with CLB, in the past 6 months my life have completely changed! I have the job of my dream, a new car, secure home….and it was all due to CLB. My only mission now is to pass on to you all what is working and be there to support you as well! So there you have it, my honest to goodness, bottom of my heart testimonial that CLB can be your answer, just like it was for me….. it’s your choice. — Tamra

We can have the best, perfect system in the world, but at the end of the day, it is our job to work the system day in and day out and treat this as what it really is: “Our Own Home-Based Business”. CLB is just a very good Funded Proposal System which automates everything for us. We still need to promote and advertise to get prospects into our CLB Automated System. This is still part of the formula. We still need to provide “human” support and educate our prospects and downline members as much as possible. As online business owners, we must understand that “rejection” is also part of doing business and not everyone is ready or willing to sign up, upgrade or even work on they’re business to make it succeed. This is my own personal opinion and how I go about treating this business.–Ismael

I can KICK myself for not putting on blinders (to keep me from those darn shiny objects) which were all junk by comparison to CLB. I joind some YEARS ago as a founder! had I stayed pluged into Janets system and followed the very very simple (color by numbers) system, Today I would not be “starting to build my list” Nor would I be having some serious money challenges!– Timothy

I spent a couple of years trying to earn online, I failed. I never spent more than a month or two on anything. All I can say is that I’m sticking with CLB, because it works! I am not rich yet, but I am earning. I never felt pressured here to spend, just the opposite, I have always felt inspired.–Philly

Janet and Rob have both taught me more about focus and do not spend more than you can afford. FOCUS and and stay away from shiny objects as well as promoting LCP will get you where you are going…..but following these two Leaders is where you need to focus…–Shirley

Janet provides so much for us that is priceless! She breaks things down into simple doable steps that anyone can do…but it is up to us to do it!–Diane

I’m getting opt-ins every day to CLB so that’s saying something.–Mary

Wow, those are some great testimonials!  I hope these testimonials will inspire you to come check out Contact List Builder. Discover for yourself why this is the best place to be in order to earn as you learn and receive the support necessary to succeed.

If you are not yet a member of Contact List Builder, click on the CLB Rotator and join CLB with one of our premium members.  We look forward to helping you EARN as you LEARN!

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  1. Mary Owens  April 28, 2014

    This is a great post. Thanks Tamra!


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