Your Investment Level?

Wow!!! What did that make you think about? Your Investment Level, well for many these days that is a mixed bag of responses and concerns. With the world still reeling from health concerns, panic, political unrest, and lockdown recovery or not, many are faced with answering this question for themselves.

I may look at this differently than you, but here is the first part of my take on the matter. First, my investment level has many factors, and the first is my investment in myself by my time, commitment, and money. My time and commitment to anything I choose to do in life will determine my ability to make it work and will provide the money to fuel the endeavor, These three keys unlock the doors for my personal life (faith, family, friends) or my business life (employed, self-employed, entrepreneur, team leader or player).

Different Budget Methods: Which Works Best for You?

Once you can envision your part in the process, then you can start to plan any aspect of your personal, professional journey and growth. Getting real with yourself now is a must. Looking at what you want and how to get it, means you have to look at where you’re at and how to change to the you in your vision. Not as hard as it sounds, it just means clearing the clutter to open the vale of all possibilities.

Creating a Time Budget Spreadsheet • Money After Graduation
Time Management Chart

You see some charts on this page. These are just examples of how you can narrow down and keep yourself on track for your goals. How do you spend your time? What areas would you like to lessen your time or increase in?

At what place are you at financially and a plan of action to move forward and upward, can be achieved by do a budget (simple home, business, or complex with investment portfolio). These let you see in real time and give you the preface on which to begin your story.

If you are the minus side or the plus side after your true and honest calculations, now you can set a plan of action to get out of debt, or grow your wealth, make plans for your future, and see your dreams come to life.

Financial Stock Market Graph Chart Of Stock Market Investment.. Stock  Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 104853985.
Stock Market
Project Budget Template | Free Download (Excel, PDF, CSV, ODS)

Now I hope this has gotten your mental juices flowing. Today I want to give you a little personal story about looking beyond my present circumstances and knowing I had more in me. I promise it is a short story:

I searched for many years looking for ways to make the internet work for me,, even when the computers were big clucky black screens and dos. I always had my JOB, but I wanted more. Money was often tight, and that was no joke, but self-improvement requires investment. I planned and put my time into research of programs and possibilities. Yes some were suds and duds, but in the early 2000s I found an independent contracting gig I could work from home and generate my own hours and grow my income. But for the hiccup, they wanted $50 for a background check to allow me to work with their clients. Whoa, I have to pay them to do work for them, and everyone around me was saying run, not to mention $50 at the time was not in my budget. But I did some more research and I listened to that inner voice (I now call my Godsend) and I found the money (aluminum cans and crafts). I began working this independent contracting for this one company, which lead to a couple more til I no longer worked outside the home. I began reasearching other streams of income. Some more suds and duds, but along the way I also learned new skills, found mentors, and became the me I am today. Free!!!

I will always continue to learn and grow and I would like to help you on your journey.

Contact me: If this helped please like and comment.

My top recommended programs: GLN and CLB

You are Worthy ???

I have some questions for those reading this today. Do you believe you are worthy? Whether yes or no why? Is it based on what others have told you or what you told yourself? If you said no do you think your worthiness can be changed? Are there always second chances? Do you have a choice?

Please really answer those questions and think about them, this could be an awakening moment for each new day of your life. I think it is questions we can ask ourselves anytime we are struggling to make a way to move forward.

I Am Worthy. | Boiling Waters
It is a question you have to answer for yourself.

I felt I had to write this as it came to me how it truly fits this weekend of Easter and how I feel about it and all those questions. As for me I have often let others rule how I felt about my worthiness both in positivity and definitely negatively..

Yet when I truly looked inside myself and found that my worth was already proven before I was born. I pray you to know those truths now as well and if not maybe this will lead you there. The only thing I have to do is choose to accept it and live a life that exemplifies it. Second chances are always possible someone else paid the price for the opportunity. So every day I pray that I am the best me I can be for myself and the one I owe it all. God made me and Jesus saved me!!! That is why I know I am worthy.

Everyday Affirmations: I am worthy Affirmations
And so are you.

Soul searching is a good activity.

25 Encouraging Bible Verses for Women Who Struggle with Self-Worth | Lynn  Dove's Journey Thoughts

Getting Out of the Isolation Bubble

Do you feel like you are in an Isolation Bubble? Well, 2020 sure put a magnifying glass on isolation, not only with covid, politics, and social unrest. Something else I have realized is that we often put ourselves in Isolation by backing away from the world and withdrawing from life. Sometimes it is a protection response to hurt or anger, sometimes it is fear of failure or even success (yes we can be afraid of success too), sometimes we aren’t even aware we have locked our true self away because the face we show in public is a facade. Whatever the circumstances that put you in your isolation, once you realize where you are then you can plan your escape route.

I think sharing is caring so I’d like to share a bit of my own story for a moment. I truly am a fairly private person so it is not always an easy task. I have worked in public service both in the medical and law enforcement field and both were very rewarding, I worked in hospitality and customer service industry then for years from ground up to management positions in the corporate world, again they were rewarding at the time. Then I found ways to stay home and work for myself doing independent contracting for companies, scheduling my time to work and still be around more for my family. Oh, now I thought I had found my ticket to making it all work. It has not always been smooth sailing, but it was the right path for me and allowed me to have both an income and precious time with my husband and grandkids whom we shared in raising. Flash forward many years the grandkids grew up and moved on, my husband’s health led to many hospital stays and a new form of isolation to keep him as healthy as possible for as long as possible, but he passed right as covid was raising its ugly head. Wow, that was a lot of sharing. So now what?

Well, grief has it’s own path and journey, we can only influence any of it by how we look at it. My faith and belief have always given me the ability to see positivity in everything. My realism let’s me know not everything is under my control, but taking control of how I respond to the reality of my world is my choice. So with that in mind, I gave myself permission to grieve, remember when I need to, but never let either of those things become paralyzing to my envisioning a future and a now of satisfaction and happiness. I daily pray, meditate, and move forward, ( my 20/20/20 plan).

2020 kept me in physical isolation and 2021 is still proving a challenge there, but this world, this universe is more than a physical one is it not? We can connect with almost anyone today in so many ways, (phone, text, social media, apps, email, snailmail). Don’t get me wrong, I have become even more aware of how precious it is to see human interaction and the touch of another human, and I will never take that for granted again. The realist with a positive outlook also sees I can poke some holes in my isolation bubble just by using other virtual forms of communication. My voice is not silent as long I am sending out my signals and inviting others to join me in the conversation.

I work online and I work with others who also are good listeners, teachers, coachs, or mentors, or just friends and team players. You have a voice. Let us hear from you.

Reach out and touch someone today!!!

Your Election Results

Well for those in the USA, the election has been at the forefront of all the media. I think the whole world has heard, seen, or had thoughts about this year’s election results here in the USA. How that will play out is as mysterious as this year has been.

So let’s change the subject to your election results and something you have more control over today and every day going forward. What have you elected to do with life, business, social interactions, and your joyful aspirations?

Have you elected to make a plan of action for any of the above?

Do you have a plan in play already, and if so do you have an elected daily plan of actions to move you forward in all your endeavors.

There are some key words showing up here:

Elected means Chosen: You have unlimited choices about all aspects of your life, but you need to list your choices and prioritize them. Then make a plan.

Plan is an intention or decision about what one is going to do or a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something. Once you have a plan you then need to take action to carry it out.

Action is the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim. Daily actions can move you toward your goals, rewards, accomplishments, and joy.

You Did It

So far this week:

I elected to learn how and then redirect my existing lists of subscribers to a new option:

I elected to make new capture and bridge pages. Then set up ads to split test between two different pages.

I elected to attend a couple of training sessions to learn and open my mind to new ideas.

I elected to write this blog.


In The Sunshine

Getting out in the sunshine is still a great way to just decompress and clear your head. Today was perfect for just that type of outing. Living in a city with a river-based lake that goes thru our city gives me much pleasure throughout the year, whether fishing, picnicking, walking, camping, boating, swimming, or sitting in my vehicle. Just people and animal watching, listening to the sounds of nature versus news and buzz of the indoors is such a nice break. Do you think so?

But it gives me ideas to share as well:

Outing, being grateful.

Posted by Fully Fit Lifestyle on Wednesday, October 7, 2020

A lot more people these days are looking for ways to work from home or remotely from wherever they want. Many want to leave traditional jobs and work for themselves or some just want an extra income stream not tied to a job. Others need extra income after retirement to supplement their income. So they start exploring and the biggest number turns to the internet to find the solution. There are a flurry of options, offers, pitches, and yes many scams are everywhere just google: Work at Home

So what do you do: Well almost anyone who has already been down this road will tell you do your research and find a mentor and/or mentors with a proven record of success. Success leaves clues and true mentors lead from imparting their story both failures and wins. They develop skills, find tools, build systems, and continue to research and learn, then they teach/coach others how to use all that to build their own income stream/s that can duplicate or exceed them. Your success of course depends on your efforts in following what you are being taught and using be vigilant and consistent in those efforts. Believe me, working for yourself is work and it takes discipline and time management, you are your boss. Your paycheck is on you.

Now all that is not to scare you, but to inform you. Maybe even excite you, because I have some of those answers and I have found some of the best mentors and now under their direction, I now want to lead and coach you as well. Whatever business you do online you need clients/leads/traffic/customer base and in using the internet to run your business, we call that building a list.

Contact List Builder created by Janet Legere teaches you the simple steps of how to do just that. It also gives us the ability to link additional streams of income from other tools and programs related to learning and promoting our business via a downline builder. The people you teach follow you and your efforts give you income for teaching others to follow. Good programs, tools, and simple processes that work. To name a few: Genesis Lifestyle Network and ClickTrackProfit both learning and multi-income platforms as well.

Come join us and grow. Live in the Sunshine.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Mindset: Your Daily Self Check

Mindset, what is your mindset, your mindset is so important for success, and are you working on your mindset. Have you heard any of those phrases or talked to anyone about mindset. First let’s see what mindset is: Defined as the established set of attitudes held by someone.

So we all have a mindset and our attitudes are usually established and defined by how we perceive our world. Our environment, life experiences, and our social connections all can factor into how our mindset forms or changes. Can we change our mindset and influence and change the world around us by doing so.

Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset: How To Shift To A Path Of Learning And  Growth | TechTello

I feel the answer to that is definitely yes and it is never too early or late in life to make changes that will benefit you and everyone around you. Have you heard of:

An Attitude of Gratitude, The Golden Rule, Pay it Forward, Give more then you get, and Be Positive, Take Negative out of your Vocab.

Words have power and you can boost your attitude by the ones you use. More than one mentor has told me before to stop saying Try and say I will. My parents would say can’t and but never did anything. I have most of my life lived by quit is not an option, quitters never win, and never give up. I have seen many

times that I really had to just take pause thinking this is the bad brick wall, then knowing others depended on me, but not only that, most importantly I had a purpose and I had a greater vision of myself. Sometimes going thru, over, around or knocking down that brick wall meant a mindset reboot. Putting the

plus and minuses of the moment into perspective can open your thought to see the bigger picture. Some of those negatives can be turned into learning moments, where the experience actually aids you in overcoming roadblocks down the way. I am stronger for every struggle, so conflict used as a growing, learning experience and shared with others has an exponential effect in your sphere of influence.

Growth Mindset

As you change and grow you may influence others, but you may also see yourself moving to a new sphere of influence more in line with your new mindset. If you are growing more positive, sometimes you move away from the negative aspects or people in your life. It’s ok it is a normal progression in your journey.

When you are ready to learn the teacher/mentor appears: If you are looking to learn or improve your online business skills, or start your new journey in working for yourself. May I invite you to look at CLB Learning and the other great tools and programs linked to our downline builder? One of our newest programs is the Genesis Lifestyle Network another learning and multi-stream income source. If you are already in business you can promote your biz using our platforms as well. Now that is Win/Win.

Suck it up Buttercup It’s Not About You

WOW, another CLB member, Michael Lipsey a great blog writer, included

the phrase Suck it up Buttercup in his last post, and it flooded my mind.

You see those words were something my husband and I bantered back to

one another to give ourselves a reality check from time to time. It would

give us a reflection moment and sometimes just a laugh or smile. I still

do hear him say it in my mind now and then as I use to say when we were

both thinking the same thing, I say “Get Out of my Head”, which I never

really want as it only let’s me know we are still on the same page.

Now what does that have to do with marketing and business? What

does “it is not about” you play in to it?

Ok here goes what it has to do with mindset and the broader picture. As marketers, we are many things to many people. We are providers of goods and or services, we are of course salespersons like it or not, and if we are so inclined

we can be mentors, coaches, teachers, counselors, teammates and friends to a

variety of people we come in contact with in our daily business life. The rewards of such things are numerous and not all monetary. You see business is a way to

make money, but the end results are vast and sometimes the journey itself is the biggest reward. The money is nice too, but it the fruit of planting the seeds

and enjoying the whole growth experience, smelling the blooming of the flowers and the rain on the vines of your efforts.

People you connect with, serve, and help grow that is what it is about. When

you see that bigger picture, you discovered gold my friend. People are the

Gold, the heart and soul of your biz. You can have the greatest product in

the world, but if you can’t connect with who needs it. You do the math.

I will say not everyone will let you in their head or want what you have to offer, and don’t get discouraged by that and remember it is not about you then either. They are just on a different journey and keep looking and planting those seeds. Every new contact is a new opportunity to make some memories, relationships, and some financial gains along the way.

Let’s Talk Soon

Introduction to Darla Key

Welcome and glad you are here to meet me. First, let me say I am not new to the online world, but I feel like I am re-entering this world anew. Life is life and sometimes you have to step away. With everything going on with this year, more people have learned the take a pause moments. But lucky you, I am back and this is the real me. Take a look and hope to get to know all of you too.

Darla Key is and always will be an independent person with a loving and caring heart. Taking care of family and friends over the years, both in joy and pain, has made her more understanding, strong and mindful that everyone has a personal life as well as a professional one.  Working has always been a pleasing part of life and another way to serve God and others.  Now working virtually with others is her new way of life. Connecting on a personal and professional level with integrity.

  Contact PHONE: 817-736-0450  USA
Motto: Success My Way is Thru YOUR SUCCESS
Interest & Hobbies:
God, My Family, My Grandkids (yes they get double), My Animals, My Friends (yes I want to add to this list), Fishing, Working Outside (Landscape, Garden, working on a car, tractor, building something with wood), and Travel


Educated by life of over 60 years

Putting myself thru college

Graduated University of Oklahoma

Studying Pre-Med



Political Science

Public Administration

Law Enforcement Administration


I have worked in both the medical and law enforcement professions.

Both professions gave me the opportunity to work and help people, which is my true passion.

I also worked and invested in real estate.

Moved on to corporate work and management.

Learned to teach myself and others.

Finally working for myself starting in 2003.

Discovering what the internet could provide as

 a way to be my own boss and provide for my family

By being an independent contractor and online marketer again helping

Others achieve their goals while fulfilling my own dreams.

I’ve made

the mistakes.

Found the

right mentors.

Ready to

help you too.

Happy Sunday

300+ Breathtaking Heaven Images · Pexels · Free Stock Photos

I consisider Sunday as a new week, and a
day of rest, reflection, gratitude and

So many things this year have
dismayed my family, friends, my country,
and the world, with the pandemic, financial
stresses, weather and climate change events,
social unrests. I devote time daily to my
own mediation and prayers on these concerns.

I feel blessed and highly favored, despite
all of these things, because I am not a quitter.
Never give up is my driving action. I won’t give
up on myself, my family, friends, my team members,
or humanity. One person helping another changes
the world as a whole.

I was thinking about the new week’s action plan
and some interesting thoughts came to mind. I plan
my particular actions: Some are daily and weekly
recurring tasks.

ᐈ Thinking woman art stock vectors, Royalty Free thinking woman  illustrations | download on Depositphotos®

Such as contacts and outreach: Emails, texts, messenges,
social media, phone calls, ads updates
Training and Learning Tasks: Webinars, reading, courses
Forward Motion: New campaign formation, follow up checklist.

Planning and including personal growth and fun is
just as important: Outtings, gatherings, and just time

for me.

Free Thinking, Nourish Your Mind, Positive Thoughts And Good Intentions,  Brain Power Concept Stock Vector - Illustration of awaken, bright: 139281286
Nourish your mind and body!!!

Checking the temperature of your surroundings: Where
are your team, clients, customers in their journey,
how can you help and what questions need answers, what
actions are they taking.

One of my conclusions: I can be a listener and guide,
their actions will determine their outcome and if their
destination is reached and new goals and dreams are

Where are you at on your journey? Do you have an action
plan for your week?

Would you like to work on one together?

I would love to be a part of your journey!!!

Welcome to my Contact List Builder Marketing Blog

Welcome, my name is Don Legere. This blog has been provided by the Contact List Builder and CLB Learning. Established in 2003, by Janet Legere, author of Get Stuck on Happy, trainer, motivator and mentor. She alone has sold millions of dollars of products and services online.

Janet’s straight forward approach to contacts and sales is what separates her from all the rest.

This system is so powerful and will deliver results time and time again.   No there is no trick, or magic formula. There is no hype. You either “WORK” the process, or, not.

Those who do work will maybe see results they once thought as unattainable. Nothing in life is guaranteed and your results will be based on the amount of effort you put in.  

Do Yourself a favor and check out CLB today. Get Started With CLB