Systems For Success – The Contact List Builder 5 Step Success Blueprint

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Systems For Success – The Contact List Builder – 5 Step Success Blueprint

As with anything else even systems for success are an important part of, well, success. There is a method to accomplishing anything in the right way and if we want to be successful at what we want to accomplish we should seek out and find a system that brings it all together. When it comes to success online my recommendation would be the Contact List Builder 5 Step Success Blueprint. And to be honest the systems for success that Janet and Don Legere have put together go far beyond the realm of online marketing. Here is a short video in regards to this:

Systems For Success – Contact List Builder

I really can’t say that the end video had anything to do with systems for success, The Contact List Builder, or even a 5 Step Success Blueprint but it really did make me wonder. Do you have any idea what it had to do with 5 steps to a perfect spring? Anyway… 🙂
I will expand a little bit on the Contact List Builder 5 step success system now. For starters it is set up for success on the internet but this is one of the systems for success that applies to and part of life.
Step One – Setting Your Goals
To begin your journey at the Contact List Builder, you start with the answers to a few simple questions but I will not give everything away here of course.
Step Two – Your Focused Plan of Action
Once you are armed with your copy of the Resolution Success System, you will be ready to create a list of activities that will move you toward your goal.
Step Three – Branding You
There are some videos in step three. Learning these simple steps will help you move on to the next level on your way to achieving your goals.
Step 4 – Building Your List
This is where the fun really begins as you learn to use simple tools and strategies to drive traffic to your lead capture page *if* you are an internet marketer. Different strategies would be applied if you are looking to do something in another area of your life like lose weight, buy a new home, etc. The Resolution Success System as I say, can help people accomplish anything they want in life.
Step 5 – Building Relationships
This is where the work comes in and the long term benefits that help you get from here, to there. Here being where you are of course and there being where you will be after your goal is accomplished.

Systems For Success – 5 Step Success Blueprint

That, in a nutshell is what this is all about but there is now way that I could cover these systems for success, the 5 Step Success Blueprint, or the Contact List builder in one single post. Besides, that is what Janet does over at CLB.
For more information you can click the banner I will leave below and you will go directly to the home page of the main website to get you started. You can even sign up for free if you want to but sssshhhhh, don’t tell Janet I told you this. 😉 – John Jarvis

Contact List Builder – Systems For Success
Systems For Success - The Contact List Builder


Systems For Success – The Contact List Builder 5 Step Success Blueprint

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  1. Janet Legere  May 8, 2012

    Thank you for this great post, John. You really hit the nail on the head about using a Success System and why Contact List Builder is one of the best Success Systems available online today.

    Thanks again, I look forward to more great posts!

  2. John Jarvis  October 1, 2012

    Sometimes we forget when we are older how easy it
    can be to have simple fun like the lad in the video.


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