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We just love hearing from our members and sharing their stories.  Here is one from Lynn McConnell.  He is one of our newest member and he is really excited about the Ready Set Go Marketing System and the support he is receiving here at Contact List Builder.

Hello everyone. I would like to relate something that has happened to me just recently. My online business has been struggling since I need people in my organization. I need a list of people I can relate to and them to me. People that have the same ideas I do.

I was introduced to a program developed by Janet Legere. She had a vision that every one need to have a “list” of people to make your goals a success in network marketing. The program I’m talking about is the Contact List Builder and their Ready, Set, Go Marketing System.

This program has a whole bunch of people that their only goal is to help you become successful. They answer all your questions, show you the “right” way to do things and be there when you succeed to cheer with you. I’ve never seen anything like this and I’m so glad I found this program and these awesome people helping people.

To help keep you motivated and excited, Janet has a meeting every morning from 10 till 11 A.M Eastern time. It is called “The morning Motivator. It’s only an hour long but it so enlightening because she reads from different books like “TNT The power with in you” to use as an example. I wish I had found this show a long time ago and if you get a chance to listen, you will feel the same way. — Lynn McConnell

Wow, thank you, Lynn.  We surely enjoyed having you as  part of the CLB and TMM family.

If you are looking for a support group that will help keep you motivated and focused, click on the CLB Rotator button and join one of our premium members.  You will have access to the training, system and support Lynn mentioned. Our number one focus is YOU!

Join for free today and let us help you find your success.  We look forward to adding you to our CLB family.


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