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Oh we love when one of our members has an uh huh moment! Today, I am pleased to share with you how the lightbulb went off for Diane Pfeil.

The Lightbulb Went Off

Now you have heard a lot of chatter about being a premium member in CLB. And I want to tell you about a little secret weapon that the premium members get. Janet holds a call on Thursdays and it is our time to discuss what is holding us back and how to kick our business up a notch! I mean how many other programs or systems have a call with the owner and someone of Janet’s expertise. I mean to tell you Janet knows her stuff and is willing not only to share her knowledge but to get to the root of what is holding you back.

Well this week we discussed relationship building which has always been a stumbling block for me. I can advertise and build my list all day long. During the training a light bulb went off and I mean it went off LOUD and I could see clearly what was lacking. I went to work right away on pointers I learned and I am so excited about blowing the roof right off the building!

The premium membership is less than 20 bucks a month and if you divide that by 4 (weeks of meetings) that is less than 5 bucks to get training that is second to none! And that does not even include everything else that is included in the package! Can your business afford not to spend 5 bucks a week for this awesome weekly training…I think it is a no brainer!

Just had to share my excitement with y’all! — Diane Diane

Wow, what a wonderful testimonial! Thank you for sharing, Diane.

If you are not yet a member of CLB, then take that first step. Click on the Rotator and join CLB with one of our Premium Members. It is free to join!

Not an upgraded member of CLB and want to take advantage of Janet’s training, then just go to your CLB backoffice and click on Upgrade. We are here to help you find your success!

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