The Beginner’s Guide to Business Planning

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“Most kids make extra cash by setting up a lemonade stand, but one little girl has much bigger ambitions and knows exactly how to make her dreams come true.”

This 9-Year-Old Girl’s 7 Step Business Plan is Guaranteed to Work for Anyone!

Success is found in the simplicity of things. Rylee, a 9-year-old, lists the 7 things she has to get done to start a successful business. When this article appeared in the Huffington Post we had to share it here on the Contact List Builder blog. It is a real eye opener.

Most people will agree that in order to have business success you have to have a plan. the reality is most of us do not know where to start and if we do we let the details get in our way. In this article you will discover that keeping things simple will get you in action. When you get into action, you get into profit.

So copy Rylee’s business plan and discover why you want to keep it simple.

Kids Notes: 9-Year-Old Girl’s Business Plan Is A Guaranteed Success

Huffington Post

9 Year Old Girl's BUSINESS PLAN

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“This presentation is ready for the ‘Dragon’s Den.’”

Rylee lists the step-by-step process she must complete to make her business profitable. This includes asking her parents for help, coming up with a price and spreading the word.

The little girl’s adorable plans for success amused a number of Redditor’s and received over a thousand comments in less than a few hours. “I’ve never written ‘success!’ at the bottom of any of my lists,” one user wrote. “I think I’m going to start doing that; it’s inspiring.”

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  1. Barbara Arbster  September 28, 2015

    Adorable ! I love her list. Leave it to a child to lay it out step by step, right to the point and it is a very simple plan. She has her steps, actions she needs to take and her goal. I can definitely learn from her. Keep it simple, don’t complicate things and take action.


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