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We are excited to announce that the CLB Skype Seeker is now a COMMISSIONABLE product INSIDE CLB. When you sponsor someone to CLB, they will be invited to learn about our new CLB Skype Seeker program.

Login to and locate the CLB Skype Seeker on the left side as indicated below.


Upon successful completion of your order, the CLB Skype Seeker will be available in the Downloads Section


Wednesday, July 13, 2016 HANGOUT – CLB Skype Seeker

Discover this hidden gem that will turn your Skype into a sponsoring machine. On this hangout, you will about the new CLB Skype Seeker and how to use this great tool to communicate with your contacts and keep that relationship building alive and well. You are going to LOVE this tool!
Click PLAY below to Watch the Replay

Get CLB Skype Seeker Today For JUST $49.95

Includes Lifetime License

All sales from this page will be verified and commissions allocated manually as earned.

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