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“Who better to look up to than Richard Branson for inspiration. In Richards mind business can do better and he is doing something about it.”

Can Business Really Serve the People, Planet, and Still Make Profits?

Introducing Plan B


It is exciting to see business leaders like Richard Branson take a leading role toward evolutionary benevolent change for people and the natural planet. I am sure Richard understands the level of destruction of nature and unequal distribution of income is leading business and society down the path to ruin.

Environmental destruction is self evident, just take a look around. Business has evolved to maximize profits and nothing else seems to matter.

When the 1% percent own as much as the bottom 90% we have a huge problem with wealth distribution and must be discussed on a societal level. It is a problem that can be solved when enough of us step up and get involved.

You are right Richard, we do need a Plan B. So get in on the conversation and help stir the pot of change.

Blueprint for Better Business | Virgin


Business needs a plan B. We’re in bright, snowy Davos this week launching a new blueprint for better business that prioritizes people and the planet alongside profit.

I’m excited about debating the need to develop deep reforms that can have a lasting positive impact on the world. From climate change to shortages in natural resources, bio-diversity loss to economic inequality and corruption, we are taking on 10 big Challenges.

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Join the Conversation

Everyone is invited to join the conversation on LinkedIn and bring your voice and ideas to help create a blueprint for change. Plan B.

Plan B will be released in September of 2015 with initial ideas for “business redefine its role in society and drive towards sustainable development. “

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  1. Ruth T Hill  January 28, 2015

    Yes, who better than Richard Branson for inspiration – I was very glad to read here about the B TEAM CHALLENGES. – We live in a world where poor people & countries suffer disproportionately the environmental & health effects of corporate greed. We, all people & businesses must aim for sustainable development & make decisions based on something greater than pure monetary profit.


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