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The NEW CLB Downline Builder

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ FIRST: As you join the programs in the Downline Builder of CLB, you want to come back to the Downline Builder and add your usernames to the CLB system. Remember to UPDATE after entering your details.

If you do not enter our details and you sponsor new members into CLB and they join those programs through our training, they will NOT join under you. You need to enter your IDs in the system to “brand” CLB to you completely and activate all Income streams!

Here are the current programs in our Downline Builder at The Contact List Builder

Program 1: Your Primary Business – we will teach your CLB members all about the importance of a “Primary Business” and suggest they check out yours and join with you to create a strong partnership for future growth and stability.

Program 2: The Conversion Pros – our primary Capture Page system includes an auto-responder and a very simple capture page system that is very easy for anyone to use and control. We will have Capture Pages setup for you with Shared codes for the pages as well as for the Auto-Responder Campaign. This system is not only simple to use and highly responsive, it’s also going to be a great income stream for you. With just 3 Paid members on your team, you are in profit every month!

Program 3: Udimi – this free to join program is a resource for Solo Ad providers. Once you join the program, you can login and search for Solo Ad providers and research their recommendations. I always get really good conversions from the Udimi Solo Ad providers.

Program 4: Viral Mailers (Prospect Geyser, Prospect Geyser Coop, PG Viral Mailer and Genie Mailer) – Our 4 Viral Mailers are just the beginning of the Viral Mailer journey and a great place to start to build your list. Our members are highly active and waiting to hear from you. They will be happy to fill out your form and get on YOUR list!

Program 5: GVO – While no longer in our system as our main auto-responder, GVO is still a program you need because what you need is your BLOG! Whether you are a “blogger” or not, you want to have a place to create your personal brand. A place where people will get to know you. Whether you are a writer or not, you’ll have fun learning to blog the CLB way. GVO offers hosting, video hosting and auto-responder all in one. We’ll have full training on how to use GVO.

Program 6: Curation Works – This is our unique training on how to Curate content for YOUR blog. Once your blog is setup with GVO, you’ll need to add content and we will show you how to curate content that other people write and add it to your blog, We also show you how to fully monetize your blog with Google ads. It’s simple, fun and profitable!

Program 7: Got Backup – At some time, we have all experienced loss of precious pictures or files. As an Internet Marketer, losing data can be a nightmare. All that work you put into creating ads. All those special photos, the list goes on and on. With Got Backup, you have unlimited data storage and your files are backed up automatically and very easy to access from any device anywhere in the world! Got Backup is part of our program because we believe it’s important to keep your precious memories and files safe. It’s one area most of us seem to neglect ?

Program 8: Seek & Send – In my mind, this is a must have tool. Just as Skype is a must have tool for making contact, Seek & Send is a must have tool for Skype. With Seek & Send you can not only find NEW contacts, but use it to easily connect with your entire list of current contacts. A very powerful program.

Program 9: Shopping Sherlock – This APP is simple to use and is designed to help you comparison shop for products. The uniqueness of this APP is that you can BRAND the APP for your business. Whatever business that is, whether you brand it to CLB or to your Primary Business.  You can offer coupons or simply promote your business. Full training will be provided.

The Funded Sponsoring System

As you promote your new Capture Page for Contact List Builder, your list will begin to grow and you will sponsor many people into CLB. Once they join CLB they will learn about the programs in our Downline Builder and we will teach them how to setup and use these programs just like we will show you!

When they upgrade in any of the programs, you will earn a commission.

Login To CLB

Login to the Members area to access the downline builder from the Affiliate Toolbox menu.


Read about ALL the Changes to CLB here

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