“To Call or Not to Call”

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“Should I call my prospects?” The answer is YES and hers’s why:

  1. Followup and communication with your prospects is important if not the most important part of your internet marketing business.
  2. People love talking to real people.
  3. You are able to immediately answer questions they may have.
  4. Prospects learn you are serious about your business and about helping them get started.
  5. You can learn more about each prospect and possibly find a common interest and even make a friend.


“What to Do and What Not to Do”

  • Make or print a list of your prospects including phone number and a space to write notes for each.
  • Pick a quiet place and time to make your calls.
  • Be polite, likable and friendly.  Ask them how they are doing today and if they have a minute to chat with you.
  • Tell them you are calling to follow up on their interest in your opportunity.
  • Be specific: Simply say: “Hello Fred, this is Dave.  I am giving you a follow up call because you entered your name and email on my Contact List Builder site”
  • Tell them more about your business.
  • Ask them if you can answer any questions they may have.


If they don’t answer…

  1. Leave a brief voice mail with your phone number inviting them to call you back.
  2. Send them a quick email telling them you called and would like to talk to them, give them your phone number and ask them to call you.


“What Not to Do”

  • Don’t stalk!  Only call twice in a weeks time.
  • Keep politics and/or religion out of your conversations.
  • Don’t bombard them. Talk only about the opportunity they are interested in unless they ask for others.


“To Close or Not to Close”

Most people will tell you straight out if they are interested in your internet marketing opportunity or not.

It is o.k. for you to simply ask them if they are interested. “So Fred, is this something that interests you?” “Would you like to sign up now and
get started?” A yes of course will prompt you to help them get started. Your response to a no should be pleasant like this; “Fred, I want to thank you for
your time and hope we can connect in the future. It’s been a pleasure speaking to you, have a great week.”

Follow up with a short email to Fred thanking him again and if possible send him a free e-book or tool he can download and use.

Remember to be polite and not pushy. You have nothing  to lose by calling your prospects. Chances are you will open new doors not only for your prospects but for yourself and your business.

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  1. John Jarvis  January 10, 2013

    Janet this is great advice for people that are
    interested in making money online.

    Sometimes we need to go out of our comfort
    zone and when we do it actually expands.

    “To Call” is the answer, as much as “To Be”
    is in the other old saying.



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