Traffic Exchanges — Do Traffic Exchanges Really Work?

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Traffic Exchanges — “Blaming the advertising platform is really the easy way out. ” …

Traffic Exchanges — Do Traffic Exchanges Really Work?

Or Even Safelists?

Depending on who I am asking the question to, “Do traffic exchanges or safelists really work?”, the answer was a mixture of yes and no. Some people say they will not use any other method; while the other half is saying they are still looking for that perfect safelist or traffic exchange to bring them leads.

It is easier to blame the traffic exchange or safelist owners then to point the finger at themselves. They do not stop to think that maybe what they are promoting is rubbish; they rather blame the owners.

Most people get the misconception that they can just through any link onto a site and people will automatically click and sign up. With so many things saying the same old thing, why would they click on your links?

I’m going to direct you to a great article by Barry Langdon from In it you’ll find a great source of information about how you can make traffic exchanges and safelists work for you. Don’t let the title full ya.

Traffic exchanges and safelists don’t work —

If you have boring ads you are going to have boring results, it is that simple.

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Think outside the box and find ways to set yourself apart. Maybe change the way you sign your emails. Be creative with your lead capture page, something that will really catch your audiences’ attention. Give it a try, by yourself and be creative.

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