Twitter– 4 Ways to Build Your Brand with Twitter’s New Profile

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Twitter — “The new Twitter profile allows you to pin your best or most important tweets to the top of your profile. ” …

Twitter– 4 Ways to Build Your Brand with Twitter’s New Profile

How to Leverage Your Brand

I was never a big fan of Twitter until I read about the new Twitter profile. The new profile is more visually-base, much like Facebook. Whether you like the changes or not, the new look will stay on social media.

One of the best feature I like is the ability to “Pin” a post to the top of your profile. Now you can pin special announcements or just a favorite tweet. Utilizing this new feature will help direct your vistors to where you want them to go, i.e., lead capture page or blog.

Rather than go through all the different ways to build your brand with Twitter, I’m going to direct you to a great article by Llya Pozin from In it you’ll find a great source of information about Twitter’s new profile and how it can help build your brand.

4 Ways to Utilize Twitter’s New Profile To Build Your Brand —

We’ve all done it — favorited a tweet with no clear understanding or plan of how this is the least bit strategic in our overall branding. Now though, your favorites are earning a more prominent position on the new Twitter profile. At the top of your profile, right underneath your cover photo, you’ll now be able to find a link to all your favorited tweets.

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Insanity — Doing Same Thing Expecting Different Results

Some people may not like change and rather keep doing what they have done for years. However, in order to have growth, things must change. Now is the time to look over and utilize the new Twitter profile to build your brand and business.

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