Two Helpful Tips for Competitive Advantage

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“Your competitive advantage is that special something about your business that makes you shine above the competition. It’s the one thing that helps a customer choose you when deciding to make a purchase.”.

Maximize Your Competitive Advantage

Small Actions Provide Big Results

You work from home. An entrepreneur. A small business looking for that sharp edge that creates competitive advantage. We talk a lot about competitive advantage at the Contact List Builder we call it Know, Like and Trust. Its about taking the time to understand who your market is and what they are all about.

imageIt starts with the small stuff, and it can be as simple as calling your client to follow-up on a project you have completed and whether or not they are satisfied with the work. If not you are in a position to get it done right. Or, calling a customer after they have made a product purchase and getting their feedback and finding out whether or not they need further information.

The following article by Debbie Ouellet provides two tips that will help bring that competitive advantage to your business. It boils down to delivering more than you promise, respecting their time, and reaching out to them by communicating on an emotional level.

Two Tips to Improve Your Competitive Advantage

Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce | Debbie Ouellet

Know your customer. Get good at understanding who your ideal customer is. Know what problems, wants and needs keep them awake at night. When you understand your customer, you can better speak to them in your marketing pieces and face-to-face meetings. You stand a better chance of connecting with them on an emotional level…that special place where most buying decisions are made.

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Competitive Advantage is all about Know, Like and Trust

Its not a difficult task to gain advantage over your competition. Look around at what your competitors are doing. Chances are they ignore the small stuff like the majority of small business operators do. You are in a position to gain a great deal simply by communicating with your prospects on an emotional level and over delivering on any promise or service rendered.

When you accomplish this, people will get to Know, Like and Trust you giving you that much needed jump on your competitors.


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