Using Safelists as a Source for Free Advertising

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Safelists – “Safelists are a closed community email list of like minded people who are trying to advertise their offers to other members in the community.” …

Using Safelists as a Source for Free Advertising

Are They Really Free?

I have read a lot of different blog posts and articles on safelist to learn that safelists do work, if you know how to properly use them. Just like any marketing tool out there, you have to master the technique of using safelists.

Are safelists really free? Well that depends on what you consider free. In order to send mailing you have to spend credits. Either you are going to spend time to gather those credits, spend money to upgrade or purchase credits. So, bottom line, you have to spend something in order to use safelists — whether it’s time or money.

One such article I came across was written by Eva Namuju from In it you’ll find a great source of information about how to benefit from safelists and tips to get organized with all those safelist emails.

Do Safelists Really Work as Free Means of Advertising? —

The best way to benefit from safelists is to upgrade to a membership where you have access to more free credits and be able to send email to more members or purchase credits for a small fee.

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Massive Action

The more people you can get your offer in front of will increase your sales. Since there are safelists that allow you to send a mailing every day, you should join as many safelists that you can handle with your marketing schedule. Be consistent and send ads every day to get in front of your prospects. It may take up to seven times before a prospect will consider your offer.

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