Utilizing Auto-Responders VS Referral Links

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In this article, we will talk about the difference between a referral link vs an auto-responder.  We will, also, discuss the importance of an auto-responder and the risk of using only referral links.  Finally, we will show you a method in order to request your company downline to opt-in to your auto-responder.

Difference Between Using a Referral Link VS an Auto-Responder

When using a referral link to an affiliate program or MLM site, these sites will posses ownership of your list as well. The company has the right to send out emails to your downline promoting other products or services they may offer and you will not receive a commission from those sales.

With an auto-responder, the prospect will be on your personal list. No one else will have access to your list unless you grant them permission. Your list becomes your very own personal fishing pond, promoting only products and services that will result in paid commissions to you. You will also be able to send valuable content to your list to get them to like, know and trust you.

Risk of Utilizing Only Referral Links and The Importance of an Auto-Responder

One of the main risks of using only referral links is that you do not have control of your downline list.  If by any chance the company decides to cancel your membership or goes out of business, you will lose your list of prospects.

By creating a lead capture page (LCP) with an opt-in form to your auto-responder, you have complete control of your list. Therefore, if the company does go belly up, you still have a list of prospects to communicate with.  Also, if your downline decides to opt-out of your company downline, they will still remain in your auto-responder unless they, too, opt-out from your list.

Note: When someone opts-in to your auto-responder, they will not automatically be placed in your company downline.  You will want to create a message in your auto-responder with your referral link instructing prospects to join you in your company or affiliate program.

An Easy Method to Get Downline Members to Opt-in to Your Auto-Responder

In the case of Contact List Builder (CLB), when using your referral link or sign-up link, the prospect will only appear in your backoffice as a referral. Also, when you upgrade as a Premium Member in CLB, you will receive five (5) new members in your downline. However, they will not appear in your auto-responder.

If your CLB member decides to opt-out and is not on your auto-responder list, you will not be able to continue to promote any other programs and/of services to that prospect/referral.

Here is a quick way to get those members to opt-in to your auto-responder — create a lead capture page to subscribe to your newsletter. As a CLB member, you can use the opt-in form to connect to the provided CLB champaign, continuing to feed the one (1) funnel.

Here is a sample LCP:

newsletter lcp pic

Next, send a message to your downline requesting they also opt-in to your auto-responder. Once they opt-in, now you can continue to follow-up with that prospect.

By reading this article, you understand why an auto-responder is a valuable piece of real estate.  You, also, see the risk of only using a referral link. And lastly, know how to get your referrals to opt-in to your auto-responder.

If you are not already a member of Contact List Builder, I recommend you take this opportunity to find out more about CLB and how we can help you build YOUR list.

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