Valerie Michael on the CLB Hot Seat

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Valerie Michael, CLB Founder

Thank you to CLB Founder, Valerie Michael for volunteering to be put on the CLB Hot Seat. Valerie was feeling overwhelmed and confused admitted she was feeling this way. I asked if she wanted to be put on the hot seat and she graciously agreed.

In a very short time, we realized that Valerie did not have an action plan, in fact, Valerie didn`t have any goals set either. We set a goal based on her primary business and went about helping Valerie learn how to approach people on Facebook about HER business.

At the end of the webinar, Valerie was all set with her Action plan and a set of goals. I am excited to hear about here results.

Enjoy the replay from this live webinar here:

The CLB Hot Seat

Next week, July 26th, Founding Member, Bonnie Waters sits in the CLB Hot Seat!

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