What do Levi Strauss, Phillip Armour, Henry Wells and William Fargo have in Common?

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Gold was discovered in California on January 24, 1849. By 1849, over 40,000 prospectors and miners hoping to find their fortunes. Prospectors arrived from everywhere in the world and had invested fortunes to join the rush for gold and a new life. The 49ers as they would become known required tools, food, clothing, shelter and many say a little too much drink and entertainment.

Golden Opportunity

Mark Twain: “They were rough in those times! They fairly reveled in gold, whiskey, fights, and fandango’s, and were unspeakably happy. The honest miner raked in from a hundred to a thousand dollars out of his claim a day, and what with the gambling dens and other entertainments, he hadn’t a cent the next morning if he had any type of luck.”

Horace Greeley the of New York Tribune stated: “Fortune lies upon the surface of the earth as plentiful as the mud in our streets. We look for an addition within the next four years equal to at least One Thousand Million of Dollars to the gold in circulation.”

And the influx of prospectors continued even after the easy gold pickings were done. Forty-niners who expected to make their fortune in a few days found themselves digging for month after month–year after year–with little to show for the effort. And what they were able to find was used to pay for living expenses.

Frustration and depression was rampant and dreams turned to despair.

The Merchants and Tool Makers Prospered

Levi Strauss, Phillip Armour, Henry Wells and Morgan Fargo all found success because of the California Gold Rush. All three looked west and saw opportunity. Levi Strauss provided dry goods and clothing. Phillip Armour sold dry goods and meats. Henry Wells and Morgan Fargo provided transportation, banking, mail delivery and security. They too saw the glitter of gold, although from a different perspective.

Their success is self evident and still continues to this day.

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