What Everybody Ought to Know About Being a Leader

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Network Marketing — “Every person wants to become a leader in their industry, someone of real importance.” …

What Everybody Ought to Know About Being a Leader

Mirroring a Leader

In my many years of network marketing, I have found that there are so many people thinking it is easy to just get online, post a few ads and be considered a leader. Actually, I was guilty of that myself.

Unfortunately, a lot of people fail in this approach. To become a leader, you need to be educated on the industry. As the industry changes, you must be constantly learning your business inside and out.

I’m going to direct you to a great article from In it you’ll find a great source of information about the 4 steps to take to become a leader in network marketing.

How to Become a Leader in Network Marketing —

It is your job to take the initiative to hone in on your natural leadership instincts. And yes, you do have these instincts! Every person is capable of become a leader. Another excellent tip is to begin mirroring those you admire.

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Mirroring a Legend

Janet Legere, owner of Contact List Builder has been recognized as a legend with The Legends Network. Janet is a great leader who is worth mirroring. To learn more about Janet Legere and the Contact List Builder, join one of our premium member by click on the CLB Rotator. They will share their success stories by mirroring a legend.

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  1. Janet Legere  August 29, 2014

    The idea of mirroring is one that is very effective. I believe everyone has the ability to BE a leader, just find someone you resonate with and mirror them, you’ll soon be reaching out as a leader.

    Great article Tamra, thanks!

  2. Rahimah Sultan  August 29, 2014

    Great article, Tamra.

    I particularly like the part about needing to start acting like a leader now, wherever you are and not waiting. And, being rude, arrogant, or pushy is not acting like a leader, but learning how to take initiative and responsibility are signs of being a leader.


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