What is a Traffic Coop

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CLB Learning offers members a way to take advantage of the Traffic Coop offered by Rob Gehring at TrafficLeads2IncomeVM.

You’ll find TL2IVM in the Downline Builder of the CLB Learning Members area.

What is a Traffic Coop?

A Traffic Coop is a way for many members to pool resources to take advantage of bulk buying of traffic.

Example, purchasing 1000 hits or more as opposed to 500 hits or less.

The more hits you buy the better the price. This means more bang for YOUR buck.

Through Rob’s program, you can buy shares at $50 each and you can purchase more than one. It really is the BEST way to invest your marketing budget.

When you purchase a share, it means Rob adds your capture page link to the rotator. The rotator is used when purhasing traffic.

With our steps here at CLB, we show you how to create a duplicate copy of your CLB Funnel and add the Conversion Tracking for Rob’s Coop.

You can watch the video replay here

Be sure to download the CLB Quick Start Guide inside the Members area. It has ALL the instructions you need.

Invest in the TL2IVM Traffic Coop, there is NO learning curve, all you need is your Capture Page link!

Remember to watch the video above for details on setting up your CLB Funnel for the Coop.

Results ARE Guaranteed!

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