What makes CLB different?

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What is it about CLB that makes us different … from YOUR perspective and the perspective of a newbie and one of an experienced marketer even … Please Post YOUR suggestions in this thread
Tina Schraier started the response:
There are so many things that I have experienced since coming aboard. I will just list in this thread as it continues to grow here.  I feel so blessed to have many persons available to ask questions of nite or day .. 7days a week … 365days a year to guide me with Contact List Builder Ready Set Go Marketing tasks.
These are quite in depth trainings that Janet provides at the drop of a hat to ensure that no question regarding tasks or systems gets untaught in a manner that ensures no one is left behind.  Our group is really full of a diverse knowledge base of experienced marketers. The leaders are awesome. Janet even has a business oriented Personal Coach to assist members if they get ” stuck ” or have any issues they want to process through.  We have a meditation group that is great for productivity and stress management daily.  
It is a community.   Janet has a knack for taking anyone at any experience level from newbie to master marketer to zoom in on a seconds to solution solution .  I was missing basics in my education. This is the first and only place that has offered me basics with support FREE.  I found no other place to get the basics like the basics are taught here.  
These are the unique selling propositions of learning and learning to implement Internet Marketing at its most basic to advanced levels from my perspective, what sets Contact List builder apart.. oh .. forgot to mention clear and concise directions always down to the finest details.  

Tamra Trowbridge added:

The added support and encouragement!!! Never been a program where the leaders takes time to help you through your issues whether personal or business.

and from Anna Loredana Orlando:

Janet makes the difference, is the first point!


What makes CLB different for you?  Post your response in the Comments and we’ll include them here 😉


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