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The CLB Premium Membership

I recently polled our Skype group to ask our Premium Members why they think there is value in their CLB Premium Membership and here is what some of them had to say:

Shirley Schwartz

Shirley is one of our long standing Founding members.  Shirley recorded a video to share her thoughts on CLB

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Tamra Trowbridge

Tamra blog pic

My testimonial about Contact List Builder and how it has changed my life.

This last attempt at network marketing started about 6 years ago. I joined numerous programs, however, something just did not feel right about them. Then I was introduced to the Contact List Builder and Janet and Don Legere.

I started out as a free member learning the fundamentals and followed the Ready Set Go Marketing system.  And I began to participate in the skype groups.  With in a short time, I realized that I not only had found a great system; better yet, GREAT MENTORS!

That is when I decided to upgrade in CLB to see what other goodies Janet and Don had in store.

Now I am more confident to be the leader I am meant to and running a business where I can help other marketers with the same love and support you will find at Contact List Builder!

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Tina Schraier


Contact List Builder is here and better than ever with Janet Legere’s new Ready Set Go MarketingSystem.  Janet has been coined the Marketing magician for a reason.She can mentor the experts right along with newbies and help take anyone to their desired marketing goals in no time flat.  Her newly revamped system has taken the world by storm for a reason and one look at her blog testimonials over the years and you will quickly understand why.

So in this Year of the Horse, you may want to wander on it and check this out a little closer.  Whether you are a Pro Horsie yourself or if you still care about other lil horsies at any stage of their own development.  Janet can and will groom in her very own skype room anyone at any level to reach their next levels.

I kid you not,, this lady who graces the leaderboards is sharing all her secrets, all her resources and holds nothing back.  Help her lead more horsies to water and the newly released affiliate program is sure to help out the Pros right along with the ones who need some grooming at any stage.

Let Janet show you the money.. right along with all the secrets that some never find.  Let her help you to get your name on the leaderboards.

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Diane Pfeil

I was chasing after every shiny object for so long I don’t even want to think about it. And right in front of me was Contact List Builder (CLB). I joined and looked around. And during that time no one asked me for any money. I had a chance to “test the waters.” Immediately I knew I had found my home.

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • What if you could avoid nightmare situations chasing every shiny object only to be disappointed again?
  • What if you could join a business where you can get all of the support you needed?
  • What if the support also included a whole team that had goals and a positive mindset similar to yours?
  • What if you and everyone you sponsored was given a blueprint to follow to achieve success and all you had to do was take action?
  • What if you could work your way into multiple income streams while promoting just one lead capture page?

And most important…

  • What if the training you received was provided by someone who has been very successful online since 1997? Master Mentor Janet Legere is at the helm of this awesome business.

If you are a complete newbie or experienced marketer with a mentor AND a whole team backing you up with skills and proof of success, do you think your chances of reaching your goals would increase?

I sure bet they would!And I am proof of that. I joined CLB, looked around, fell in love with all the support, guidance and step by step plan that was so easy to follow. It is called Ready Set Go Marketing Plan. And it is all ready, set up and ready for you to follow and make money. Instructional videos, skype support groups, facebook groups, live webinars, written instructions and on and on are included.I saw the awesome value in CLB and upgraded to enjoy all the “perks” of upgraded membership. I started making multiple streams of income my first month.The concept is very simple…”Earn while you learn, and earn more as you learn more.” Check us out and I am confident that you will be very surprised!

Jenny Fletcher

As I said in a recent blog post – ‘the penny dropped’. I worked out for myself why my internet marketing efforts had been unsuccessful in the past and now everything is starting to make sense. I am building a list and USING that list to bring people into the programs that I promote.The best things about the CLB Ready Set Go system is that it is designed to make it easy even for people who aren’t technical and need clear step by step instructions for anything they do online. And as backup, everyone is welcome to come to the Skype groups and get the benefit of everyone else’s experience – including Janet Legere herself. She believes in hands-on-management of her program and helping everyone who needs it.There are also regular webinars on specific topics to do with internet marketing and aspects of the CLB program.What I always explain to people is that CLB doesn’t replace anything they are promoting now, it complements and helps them to find new customers by building a list of people that trust them and are interested in what they have to offer.In short, I would recommend Contact List Builder to any network marketer who doesn’t have a list and doesn’t know how to start to build one. The icing on the cake is that there are several possibilities for income within the program.

The program is flexible so that marketers on a tight budget can still participate and the training and support itself is free.

If you have been invited to CLB, you are very lucky. This is the one program that will truly make a difference and if you participate fully and are willing to learn, you could be on a ‘full-time’ adult income within 12 months! Go for it!

Ms. Philly P.

Joining CLB is the best thing that ever happened to my internet marketing business. Upgrading at CLB is the second best. I like 50% commissions way better than 10%! I have 2 upgraded members in my downline, so my membership is paid for. It’s nothing but profit from here on out. And as an upgraded member, the reports found in the CLB back office are rebranded with MY affiliate IDs. That alone is worth the price of the upgrade. The extras I got at PG Coop snd PG Traffic really sweetened the deal!

So step up to the plate and lead by example. Your downline will be much more likely to upgrade if YOU are a premium member. You will be really glad you did. I know I am!

Ernestine Emery

I joined Contact List Builder sometime ago (appx 2.5 years) – but I let those shinny objects lead me in other directions. There was a lot of them and are still a lot of them out there, but I have learned that those shinny objects are mostly just that “Shinny Objects”.

When I think about where I could be today if I had stayed with Contact List Builder and followed Janet’s advice, Well! lets just say a lot better than I am today. CLB has all you need to start building your list including downlines you can join and set up for additional referrals that also help build your downline.  If you can afford it, be sure and upgrade, it really does pay. You do get access to more when you upgrade.

The best things about the Contact List Builders “Ready Set Go”  System is that it is designed to make it easy even for people who  aren’t technical, who need clear step-by-step instructions for anything you do online. Not to mentioned all the training webinars we get to participate in weekly. Also, everyone is welcome to come to the Skype  groups and get the benefit of everyone else’s experience – including Janet Legere herself. Janet does believe in hands-on-management of her programs and helping everyone who needs it. Janet and Don Legere are great mentors – I am definitely looking forward to being one of the 1,000 that she plans to help make “Adult Money” this year.

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Ruth Hill

I’m sure others will be able to relate to parts of my personal online marketing story. I have been fortunate to have been able to return to school several times in several different fields. My most recent round of education has been in internet marketing. Although not a formal education, I have spent a good bit of money for programs that did not work for me. They didn’t work because I couldn’t figure out what people were doing in the “demonstrations”, or something was left out, or because it was “assumed” that everybody knows how to do a particular, usually crucial, step, or because it was just incomplete or misleading. Nothing was thorough enough for me, so, I never got very far, but “That was the cost of my education.”

Let me explain, that I have more of an aesthetic, conceptual mind, not technical, AT ALL, so this has been a struggle for me. It was even more of a struggle than learning computer graphics and computer art. With online marketing, of course, there is the addition of the Internet, which can be a very confusing place. Figuring out anything on the Internet was a challenge for me and took far longer than it did for most.

I must say, that it wasn’t until I “discovered” The Contact List Builder, with it’s step-by-step program, the patience of its founder, Janet Legere, and the support of the CLB Skype groups, that I was finally able to “get it”, start to make the system work, and see my way to getting my own sites and business working online. This can all be done while continuing to promote my CLB lead capture pages, building my list, and getting others to follow the system, build their lists, and have their own success stories. While participating in CLB is free, upgrading gives you even more support and the opportunity to earn more when you sign up new members.

Many of us have been told by Janet, “You’re making this much too hard.” Yes, I was guilty. One just has to follow the steps, one by one, that are laid out in The Ready, Set, Go Marketing System of The Contact List Builder and it becomes easy. CLB is a mentoring and training program that I highly recommend for the beginner and those who are lost, as I was. There is growing Skype group support with an experienced hands-on mentor and other knowledgeable leaders, as well as many members helping each other. A support system like this is truly needed by marketers, who usually work alone.

Janice McNichol

janice edit

Why am I delighted I found Contact List Builder!

According to recent research published by the Small Business Association, 90% of all new business start-ups will fail within the first two years.  In fact in relation to doing business on the internet it is said that 97% make no money, 2% make a reasonable income and 1% make a great deal of money!

These statistics make pretty depressing reading, don’t they?  But actually I now know why this is the case.

Thankfully, I am not one of the 97% but I could have been as I jumped around;  attracted by all the bright shiny objects that popped up unrelentingly!  Each one going to be the answer to my frustrating quest to understand how to be successful online.  Like a lot of people I could see the “big picture”, and it seemed simple, until like a complicated jigsaw I just couldn’t put the pieces together.
But the great news is I discovered CLB and everything changed!

CLB provides the Four Key Ingredients I learned were essential to build a successful, sustainable, long term business online.

1. Marketing: You need a programme that provides a sound online marketing system.  It doesn’t matter what business you are in, which product you are promoting or what niche you are in, marketing is the foundation of any business success and marketing needs to be taught the right way.

2.  Technology: Technology is integral to doing business online and is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for most people.  You need a system that makes it easy for you to implement.  You don’t need to be a technological whiz kid, but you do need a solid platform which has technology built in for you to get your online business up and running.

3.  Community:  The other key to a successful business is community.  You don’t need forums and communities where it’s like the blind leading the blind.  Of course, as in any community, there are newbies and more experienced members all with something to bring to the party BUT it is an absolute necessity to have strong leadership and experience to help develop, build and grow a successful internet business.

4. Coaching and Mentoring: The 4th key ingredient is coaching and mentoring by successful people in the industry.  This is essential to help you grow and develop your business in record time.  Yes, you need to understand that all learning takes time and so does building a business but with all these things in place, it doesn’t have to be an arduous, anxious, time-consuming experience.  You can do it in record time and remain sane!

Janet Legere, founder and leader at Contact List Builder. has a goal for 2014 to help 1,000 people achieve online business success.  I am one of them……..would you like to be?

I have partnered with Janet Legere to achieve success and to help others achieve their own success.

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Now you know why our members favour  a Premium Membership and we know you will see the benefits too.

Login to the Contact List Builder Members area to upgrade today!


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