What to Say When They Ask, “What do you do?”

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what do you doThere is one question I hear a lot from new network marketers — what do I say when people ask “What do you do?”  Being new to network marketing, it is understandable to think it would be difficult to answer such a question.

When you are asked “What do you do?”, you want to be able to answer that question within 7 seconds. Be sure to answer with confidence.

Your answer should tell the prospect what you offer and what result can be expected. Here is a simple formula in order to construct your answer with ease.

“I help people DO             this                 , so they can HAVE         that             .”

Here are a couple examples:

I help people like yourself to generate leads, so they can build their business and live their dream.

I help people connect with top leaders in the industry, so they can achieve their goals and gain success.

I provide people with nutritional information, so they can live a healthier and happier life.

Keep it very simple.  You do not want to come up with a long description.  This will only turn your prospect away.  No one wants to read an entire book just to find out what you do.

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