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The Sherlock APP And Opportunity

Many of our members are asking us why we added the Shopping Sherlock to our CLB Downline builder. There is a lot to the Sherlock APP and it can seem confusing and overwhelming.

Black Diamond, Chuck Williams gave a live presentation on March 23rd and it’s one that is filled with excitement and great information. You will also hear from Karin Parsons and Willie Davis, all valued Lifetime members at CLB!

You’ll learn exactly why we included Shopping Sherlock in CLB and why YOU want to be part of this movement!

You want to listen to this live call listed below and then decide to download the Sherlock APP OR become a full Sherlock Nation Representative.

Click the Play Button Below

Now, Login to your CLB Back Office, Mouse over the Affiliate Toolbox section and click on Downline Builder. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link to download the Sherlock APP.


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  1. Black Diamond Chuck Williams  May 24, 2016

    Janet, I am recommending to my Sherlock Affiliates all over the world to tap in to the Contact List Builder that Don and you have developed. The Sherlock is a great product with your Contact List Builder… what a cool way to build your list. At Sherlock we give away a free app that helps people save time and money. As the person downloads the free app, they register using the invite code that the Sherlock Affiliate gives him/her. Then the “FREE” customer gets added to your list and as the customer uses the app, the Affiliate that gave them the app actually gets PAID too.

    On top of that the Affiliate can advertise on top of the app too. In the last month, I have earned $650 leasing my ad space on my Sherlock app…

    One of the coolest features is that my customers (free app users) have an invite friend feature on the app. As my customers share “MY” app… I continue to add to my list new customers. In fact, my customers currently get me more new customers than I get for myself.

    All said, my Sherlock team is blessed to have found you and Contact List Builder. It is a great match for sure!

  2. Terry Best  May 24, 2016

    I agree with Chuck, Janet. I have been a Sherlock affiliate and GVO affiliate for several years and have been trying to figure out a way to marry the two. You and Don have done that and more. Kudos to you.

    -Terry Best

  3. Ricardo Weatherly  May 25, 2016

    Excellent Shopping Sherlock information and presentation.


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