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clbfbphotoYour Number One Focus

Advertising Your Lead Capture Page

We had a GREAT call today at the CLB Members only webinar.  Those who attended engaged and interacted and participated, offered suggestions and asked lots of questions.

Make a Commitment

Four Members made the commitment to follow the plan of action we discussed for them on the call.


Hank is going to get his Pure Leverage Lead Capture Page setup by logging in to Pure Leverage and selecting a page, clicking on the link to the page and filling out the form.  Once the site is active, Hank will promote his Lead Capture page using the tools and resources he already has.

Susan is going to work on getting her auto-responder setup and is working with her CLB Sponsor, Rocking Randy May, to follow the steps in CLB (well done Randy & Susan).

Mary is going to setup her MicroModelBusinessSystems product Lead Capture page, test it and promote it.

Wendy is going to pick and test a lead capture page from Pure Leverage, setup her CLB downline builder and connect with me about promoting her page.

10874472-the-hand-is-pressing-the-button-network-marketingNew Shiny Object Syndrome

Everyone on the call really tuned in to the truth of what your focus needs to be.

We talked about New Shiny Object Syndrome and how Pure Leverage doesn’t need to be a distraction.  Quite the opposite.  It is a welcome addition to the Contact List Builder family and will be a welcome addition to our Income streams!

images (6)What Your Focus Needs to Be

Your Number One focus needs to be on building your list … PERIOD!  Regardless of what product or service you are promoting, regardless if it’s MLM or Affiliate marketing, it does not matter.  Focus on building your list and learn to master the art of offering value and watch your income grow.

Webinar Replay

This is one Webinar that I highly recommend you listen in on!

Enjoy the replay of this engaging webinar and experience what our CLB members experience. This is one of our Members’ only training calls.

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  1. Denis Charest  March 14, 2013

    Thank’s Janet for the great support that you give us.
    It’s very appreciate, Sorry, if i am not at all of your Webinar,
    but, i promote CLB regurarly!



  2. Ronald Eddins  March 14, 2013

    Great Post Janet and the recording REALLY helped me out as I missed the training this morning and it gave me the opportunity to catch-up. It helped me to fully understand the importance of the LCP (Lead Capture Page) and why it should be customized if possible.
    Thank you very much,
    Ronald Eddins


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