Are You Thinking About Making Important Life Changes

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Are you Thinking About Making Important Life Changes

I mean real changes that will start you on a path
that will likely change your life forever.



Steve Vicory here, you probably remember September 11th because of events which happened in New York City and changed our world in 2001.

But I remember September 11, 2011, as the date which changed my life even more than the events of 911 (2001)

That is the day I decided to start making important life changes in my life. It was the day I joined Contact List Builder as a Founding member.


Since September of 2011, I’ve been working with marketing magicians Don and Janet Legere.  I have been amazed at the progress they have helped me to make. So, when they announced their upcoming marketing seminar I practically jumped at the chance to attend.

Just one problem, the spirit was willing but the wallet wasn’t too sure I would be able to make it. I decided this is one of those times you must do whatever it takes. In fact I told Janet I will be there even if I have to walk from Palm Springs to Calgary.

You probably want to know why am I writing this post?

I thought you’d never ask.


You see, I want to share the wealth of knowledge and contacts I am making with you. This is my invitation to you to attend with me. What can you expect if you do attend?


  • Learn the 5 Absolute Must Do Steps to Online Success (really success period)
  • Meet and network with top and upcoming internet marketers and network marketing pros
  • Meet and learn from Devlyn Steele creator of Tools to Life; he’s help over 60,000 people worldwide.
  • Learn from host and hostess Don and Janet Legere –  the secrets or their online and offline success since 1999.
  • Meet Tina O’Conner author of BeThatGirl, wife, mom, yoga diva, coach and entrepreneur.
  • Learn some online tips with James “Doc Stone” LeadGusher and Prospect Geyser.
  • Meet and find out from the source Rob Gehring why Traffic Leads 2 Income.

Everyone knows that, “Its not what you know, but who you know.”
We also should realize that you must meet new people to expand your circle of influence to those who are at the levels of achievement you are seeking to reach. This is just one reason why I am going to be there. To meet and forge new relationships with people who are already doing and achieving at the levels  I want to get to. If you are trying to advance yourself this will be one of those once in a lifetime opportunities. You must venture out of your comfort zone if you want to grow.

Imagine, in just over a month from now  you will meet with and be learning from some people who are making real money doing what they love while you are developing incredible new relationships . These are very successful entrepreneurs who are willing to share their ideas, experiences, strategies and the paths they took to find personal freedom and abundance. Networking is an important and too often overlooked business activity. It is where ideas are shared and partnerships are formed and enormous success founded.

This is my personal invitation to you to connect with me and some people who will truly help you in making important life changes that will empower you to reach your highest and best potential.

Now you must decide – there are only 100 spots and they won’t last.

Click the button bellow  to go to the information site, see all about the event and get signed up before you miss out April 27 through 29.   Just Do It!

Click Here To Register and Learn More.

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  1. Janet Legere  March 6, 2012

    Great post, Steve. Don and I are so excited to meet you next month .. it’s going to be SUCH a fun event! I hope everyone will do all they can to be there … you don’t want to miss it 😉


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