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New CLB Lead Capture Pages

For all those avid Lead Capture Page creators out there, I just created a new pages at AdKreator and made it shareable … so if you have an upgraded account at AdKreator,  you can use these too 🙂  Add them to your Tracker so you can rotate the pages to see which one converts best 😉

With these pages and configurations, your visitors will subscribe to your auto-responder list and then be taken directly to your CLB Signup page where they can get a free membership.

In all cases, you will need to replace my picture with your picture, my name with your name and the auto-responder form with your CLB Form code.

As a member of Contact List Builder, login to the members area and click on the Ready Set Go Marketing system to find instructions on how to setup a Lead Capture page at AdKreator.  As a free member, you can have two active ‘Designs’ in Adkreator.  You can choose one of these pages or the one in the members area.  OR, if you are upgraded in AdKreator, you can have unlimited pages.


You can view the live page here:
The shared code is 6F05747312




You can view the live page here:
The shared code is 065A522743



You can view the live page here:

The shared code is E8D036F322


Give away the CLB Free Report!  5 Steps to Branding You


You can view the live page here:

The shared code is FE86F018FF


Promote the NEW 7 Step Formula To Writing A Blog Post by Tamra Trowbridge!


You can view the Live Page here:

The shared code is 7FE2D1BFD0


Aside from the regular changes (picture, name, Optin Form), you will want to make these addition changes if you are using this 7 Step report.

1. In Email NUMBER 1 (Sent immediately upon confirmation) change the hyperlink for CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD to direct to your new report link instead of the report on Branding.

You will find your copy of the report link in the CLB Downloads Section.  Right click, copy URL.

The report link look like this:  Replace XXXX with your CLB Affiliate ID number

Change the wording in the 1st email to read:

I invite you to download my CLB report
the 7 Step Formula to Writing a Blog Post.


This free report will cover everything
you need to start writing effective blog posts
and building your list.

Remember to change the hyperlink for CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD to the 7 Steps Report.

I recommend creating a new form on your Contact List Builder campaign for this report.  Change the text on the Submit button to say, Yes, Send My Free Report!

That should do it 😉

When you create your page, feel welcome to post in the comments and include the link to your page.

Happy Marketing,


Janet Legere
The Contact List Builder


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  1. Debbie Nicholson  December 1, 2013

    Great page Janet. Thanks for this information on using AdKreator combined with your great tools to make an impact online. And so easy to use as well.

  2. Shirley Schwarz  December 1, 2013

    Thank you Janet for yet another LCP.
    You are do generous!
    Folks if you are not following Janet’s lead, you
    are missing out.
    I appreciate you.
    Shirley Schwarz

  3. Wayne Randall  December 1, 2013

    When you add an LCP, do you add it to a group? Or do you create a separate tracking link for each LCP? For CLB, I have the LCP we created with TL2I, the 2 you created with AdKreator, and another one that I had created with AdKreator. Right now, I have all 4 rotating on a tracking link.

    • Janet Legere  December 2, 2013

      If they are all pointing to CLB you can put them all on one Tracker to see which page pulls better. Or, if you just want to promote ONE of your capture pages, then you would create a tracking link just for that one. Hope that makes sense 🙂

  4. Janice McNicol  December 29, 2013

    Fantastic training video Janet. Thanks for the new LCP and the training.

    I have created my own LCP following your simple step by step and I am just thrilled.

    Thanks for being such a great trainer, coach and mentor!


  5. Maurice C Wagner  January 14, 2014

    Thank you for all your help creating LCP’s for us to use, and for the simplified step-by-step instructions you developed which helps us to create our personal businesses.
    I am blessed to have You and all the other members to help me along the way to financial success.

  6. Debbie Nicholson  March 21, 2014

    Fantastic new pages and thanks for the shared codes – they will be very handy.


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