How to Create a Facebook Page for Your New Business

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Like it or not, Facebook is having an incredible impact on global e-commerce. Business of all sizes and types are migrating to Facebook and other social media sites in order to enhance communications and improve on the consumers product purchase experience.

Facebook and your business

facebook_bsinessBusiness has changed. It is fast becoming a mobile domain. Most consumers don’t bother running to the knowledge source at their nearest retail shop, they Google it! In other words they ...

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CLB Skype Seeker

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We are excited to announce that the CLB Skype Seeker is now a COMMISSIONABLE product INSIDE CLB. When you sponsor someone to CLB, they will be invited to learn about our new CLB Skype Seeker program.

Login to and locate the CLB Skype Seeker on the left side as indicated below.


Upon successful completion of your order, the CLB Skype Seeker will be ...

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CLB – Why Sherlock Nation

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Why Sherlock Nation is Part of CLB

People ask, why did we add Sherlock Nation to CLB? I found this great explanation on Sherlock Black Diamond, Chuck Williams training site and thought it answered the questions perfectly.

Dear Friend,

I recently found a company and concept that is growing at warp speed worldwide. They are located in California but have already opened 16 countries and growing. Here is the simple concept; Imagine earning $1 to $4 every month on thousands of customers simply ...

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CLB Hangouts – Discover CLB

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TWO (2) CLB Hangouts This Week

I am excited about our hangouts this week. We have two hangouts scheduled, one for Monday and one for Wednesday.

On Monday, I will show you how to setup a Capture page for Sherlock Nation as well as three separate Landing pages to use for follow up with either your Sherlock Leads or your Contact List Builder Leads.

On Wednesday, I will give our visitors a clear overview of the new Ready Set Go Marketing System and our ...

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CLB 3 Step Quick Start Guide

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The NEW CLB Quick Start Guide

At last, the new steps are ready!

The new CLB 3 Step Quick Start Guide is your guide to help you understand the CLB system and setup your Capture page, promote and followup.

The new report is branded with the affiliate links. If you are an upgraded member at CLB, your report is branded with YOUR affiliate links.

Download The Free Report

The Quick Start Guide is available to ALL members in the DOWNLOADS section in the back office.

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Contact List Builder Continues To Grow

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Continued Growth at Contact List Builder

Welcome to JUNE!

Congratulations to all the following members who sponsored NEW members to CLB in MAY.


Matthew Radin
Ricardo Weatherly
Larry Ellner
Chuck Williams
Dean Hamblin
Karin Parsons
Rhaimah Sultan
Sherry SetaTabb
Cam Kopi
Dan Watson
Steve Hanzlik
Georgia Jenkins
Carlos Loureiro
Wayne Randall
James Stone
Pam Benjamin
Kevin Michaud
Andrew Weiner
Leo deWaal
Marcus Harris


Total May 31, 2016: 8543 Members.

We grew by 156 new members in May! Let’s keep the momentum growing in June!

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How To Use Udimi Solo Ads

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CLB Hangout June 1, 2016

We have a new hangout this week, Wednesday, June 1, 2016 at NOON Eastern.

How to use Udimi Solo Ads!

Udimi is a really great resource where you can join for free and search the database for Solo Ad Providers. Join us this Wednesday as Janet walks you through how to join and setup Udimi to send your Solo Ad.

Register for this LIVE EVENT here


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Why Sherlock?

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The Sherlock APP And Opportunity

Many of our members are asking us why we added the Shopping Sherlock to our CLB Downline builder. There is a lot to the Sherlock APP and it can seem confusing and overwhelming.

Black Diamond, Chuck Williams gave a live presentation on March 23rd and it’s one that is filled with excitement and great information. You will also hear from Karin Parsons and Willie Davis, all valued Lifetime members ...

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The NEW Downline Builder

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The NEW CLB Downline Builder

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ FIRST: As you join the programs in the Downline Builder of CLB, you want to come back to the Downline Builder and add your usernames to the CLB system. Remember to UPDATE after entering your details.

If you do not enter our details and you sponsor new members into CLB and they join those programs through our training, they will NOT join under you. You need to enter your IDs in the system to ...

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