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Welcome, my name is Simon Loi. This blog has been provided by the Contact List Builder and CLB Learning. Established in 2009, by Janet Legere, author of Get Stuck on Happy, trainer, motivator and mentor. She alone has sold millions of dollars of products and services online.

Janet’s straight forward approach to contacts and sales is what separates her from all the rest.

This system is so powerful and will deliver results time and time again.   No there is no trick, or magic formula. There is no hype. You either “WORK” the process, or, not.

Those who do work will maybe see results they once thought as unattainable. Nothing in life is guaranteed and your results will be based on the amount of effort you put in.  

Do Yourself a favor and check out CLB today. Get Started With CLB

Author: Don Legere

I have lost count on the number of years Janet and I have "worked from home." A little bit north of a couple of decades, I reckon. We understood the keys to success early on in our career was not the number of sales, it was the size of our prospecting list. The result? We have earned a full time income(s) since year one.

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