It is Wednesday!

Today is Wednesday and Trafflic Leads 2 Income VM webinar will be on this evening at 8.00pm EST where you get updates and annoucements from the owner, Rob Gehring.   You might also win some ctp tokens as well.

This evening, Rob Gehring will be making a big annoucement about earning your upgrade level if you are not in a position to get in on the TL2L level.

Come join us this evening 8.00pm EST on facebook and here is the link.

Author: Simon Loi

Simon Loi, born in Singapore and currently living in the land of the long white cloud". This is the literal translation of Aotearoa (New Zealand). Recently retired from his 9 to 5 job, he has spent many years in information technology within the corporate environment. Now, spending most of his time building a list for his online business, he enjoys interacting and working with others that he meet regularly. He looks forward to helping others and learning from them about what working online means.

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