2020 – What a year?

It has been a while since my last update on this blog.

2020 has been a challenging year for many.  As for me, I chose to retire from my 9 to 5 job in the first quarter of 2020.  Soon after that, the pandemic hit all of us around the world.  Many lost their jobs, their loved ones and their livelihood.  2020 is a year many would choose to forget and get over it quickly.

Since my retirement, I have been spending more time and focusing on working from home via the internet.  I decided to spend time learning more about what needs to be done and what can be done.

My focus over the past few months have been on Traffic Leads 2 Income VM and Genesis Lifestyle Network as I believed they both complement each other and works well together.  I will continue to build my list and my team using these two programs with both paid and free traffic.

While we are lucky here in New Zealand that we can move around freely without any restrictions or worried of being in lockdown, many around the world do not enjoy such freedom.

If you are interested in building an income from home and not worry about being in lockdown or losing your livelihood, then contact me to help you get started in Traffic Leads 2 Income VM and Genesis Lifestyle Network.x


Would You Like A Free 3 Months Membership At TL2IVM?

Wednesday is webinar night at TL2IVM and it happens at 8pm EST.

Each week, Rob Gethring, admin and owner of TL2IVM talks about what is happening and what we as online marketers needs to do to get our online business working.

Last week, he talked about getting ready to be ready,  If you have missed the webinar, you can view it here.

This week, Rob talked about getting from point A to point B.  He talked about us marketers taking our business as a hobby when we just rely on the system to conduct our business.  Many of us are fearful of using the phone to get in touch with our leads and prospects.  He use the analogy of contacting our prospects to that of getting from point A to point B.  Using the email is like taking the long route when just reaching out using the phone is like taking the shorter route.  He also talked about being caring enough to reach our and down to our prospects to help them out.

Here is the replay of the webinar if you missed it.

Also, after attending the weekly webinar, Rob makes himself available in the TL2IVM voice room for anyone to interact with him and also for further coaching and training.

Another highlight of the webinar is that at the end of the webinar, Rob gives away goodies to those who attends the webinar.   I had the opportunities of winning different goodies over the past few weeks.

Last week, all the attendees got a free login ad from Rob and this week Rob gave away a 3 month graduate membership upgrade in a draw to those who were present.

Guess what?   I WON the 3 month graduate membership upgrade.

Since I am already at the top-level membership, I am giving away this prize to anyone who is in my team.   I will be asking Rob to do a draw next Sunday, 5 July 2020  for one of my downline to receive this prize.

So, if you would like to have a FREE 3 month graduate membership, join my team using the link here.

Verify your account and join us in our Telegram group here.

Once I have verify that you have done these two things, I will put your name into the draw on 5 July 2020 for the prize.

Looking forward to welcome you on our team.


It is Wednesday!

Today is Wednesday and Trafflic Leads 2 Income VM webinar will be on this evening at 8.00pm EST where you get updates and annoucements from the owner, Rob Gehring.   You might also win some ctp tokens as well.

This evening, Rob Gehring will be making a big annoucement about earning your upgrade level if you are not in a position to get in on the TL2L level.

Come join us this evening 8.00pm EST on facebook and here is the link.


Traffic Leads 2 Income VM

Traffic Leads 2 Income VM is a viral mailer where members can email each other promoting their website in return for viewing the emails sent by other members.  For each credit that you earn from viewing other member’s email, you will be able to mail another member at Traffic Leads 2 Income VM.

By viewing other member’s email, you increase your website traffic for free by sending your promotion to other members of Traffic Leads 2 Income VM.

Traffic Leads 2 Income VM is not only a viral mailer, it is also a Massive Marketing Success System.  The Massive Marketing Success System consist of going through a 7 steps setup process where you will build a Massive Success Funnel to generate leads and signups to Traffic Leads 2 Income VM resulting in putting money in your pocket.

If you are not a member of Traffic Leads 2 Income VM, click on the banner at the end of this article to sign up for your free account today.  Join through my link here and I will assist you and guide you to put money in your pocket.

Massive Success Funnel 400



CLB Quick Start Up Guide

The CLB Quick Start Up Guide gives you step by step on how to get started building your list and making money online.  This guide has been written that everyone reading it will be able to quickly get setup and start driving traffic to their lead capture page.

This guide is simple and when you follow the three steps listed, you will be able to see your subscriber list grow and income start flowing.

The secret in the guide is to follow the three steps until you see the subscribers begin to opt in to your list.

Yes – 3 Steps!

It really CAN be that simple.

Click on the banner here to download your copy and start to see your subscriber list grow.