A Little Bit About Me

My Family from the left: Shawn, my wife Suzanne, Me, Megan and Pam

Hello Everyone,

I am taking part in the Click Track Profit 30 Day Content challenge and today I was drawing a total blank as to what to write so I decided to do an update about me and my life.

My name is Steven Ackerman and I am married to my wife Suzanne for a month shy of 32 years. We live in a small town, Buffalo Minnesota, about 40 miles west of Minneapolis. Suzanne and I have three adult children. Our son Shawn who is 31. He just got married this summer to his wonderful wife Andi.

We also have 2 daughters. Megan is 30 and is married to Mike for 3 years. Pam is 28 and is married to Cody for a month shy of 3 years. My 2 daughters almost sent us to the poor house. They both got married the 3 years ago about 2 months apart.

Pam and Cody are the parents of our first grand child, Charlie who is 14 months. He is a real cutie. I just wish I could see him more. Suzanne and I live in Minnesota and Charlie lives in Texas.

Our 14 month old Grandson Charlie!

I am mostly retired at the age of 65. I will be 66 in October. In addition to my online efforts I work a couple days a week at my local Walmart. It helps pay for my online efforts. I am hoping to replace that income with online income in the near future. Suzanne also works part time as a Personal Care Attendant.

As far as my online business is concerned. I am the owner of Tornado Traffic, a traffic exchange that just celebrated it’s 4th anniversary. My main affiliate effort is with a very exciting new program Genesis Lifestyle Network.

So that is a very brief overview of Me, my family and my online business. I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a litter better.

To Our Mutual Success
Steven Ackerman

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