Black Friday is Coming to Tornado Traffic!

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Tornado Traffic Black Friday Update

Great things are happening at Tornado Traffic starting Black Friday and ending on Cyber Monday.

The first thing is a 5 day surf contest! The top 5 surfers will win a prize. The Top Prize is 1000 credits, 1000 banner impressions and 1000 text ad impressions.

There will also be two incredible Login Offers. One on Black Friday and another on Cyber Monday. Be sure to login to see what these spectacular offers will be.

Our Daily Surf Code will also be Super Sized on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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If you are not yet a member of Tornado Traffic, I have a great offer for you also! Any new members that join between now and Cyber Monday will receive a Free 1 Year Upgrade to our F3 Major Dammage level!

Here is what you need to do to receive your free upgrade.

  1. Click the banner below to join Tornado Traffic.
  2. Login to your members area.
  3. Click on the Support button at the top of the page.
  4. Click Ask Admin button at the bottom of that page.
  5. Type in “I want my free upgrade” in the pop up window.
  6. Click send.

I will upgrade your account as soon as I receive the message.

Thanks for reading my update. I hope you enjoy and take advantage of this great promotion.

See You on Black Friday!

Steven Ackerman

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