Tornado Traffic Weekly News (Volume 173)

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for reading the Tornado Traffic Weekly News.
This newsletter is posted every Monday to keep you informed of what is happening at Tornado Traffic for the upcoming week.

Your comments, support and upvotes are very much appreciated! You can also read and comment at the CTP Talk on the Hive Block Chain!

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Spotlight Your Website

The Login Spotlight has been added to Tornado Traffic. It allows your site to be shown to the members when they login. You can now reserve your spotlight and members will be rewarded for rating your site and giving you feedback. Just log in to your members area, click the “Ads” Button, then the “Login Spotlight” to reserve your spot.

Diamond Hunting Game is Off to a Great Start!!

Tornado Traffic has joined the new Diamond Hunting Game!

This is not your usual run of the mill Surf Site. It is a new, SIMPLIFIED GAME SITE, that is the home of what is called “THE DIAMOND MINE”. Surfers are collecting Diamonds, every second of everyday, while surfing the Traffic Exchanges, that have partnered with Diamond Hunting Games.

Once you have joined and verified your account, you can fill in the Downline Builder by simply clicking “Fill My Downline Builder” you can also join all those you are not yet a member of.

Hunt and collect diamonds everywhere, while you surf, and you will be positioned to win cash prizes of up to $5, which will be given away weekly! The Top 5 Diamond Hunters will win, plus 1 random winner.

So come on over to Diamond Hunting Games and get started on your journey to becoming a Diamond Hunter Extraordinaire, TODAY!

Hope to see you there!

Communicate With Us

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Feel free to stop by and make a comment or ask a question.


Daily Promo Partners for This Week

Monday 1/23
Explosive Surf and Hits Gator

Tuesday 1/24
Traffic Jeanie and You2Surf

Wednesday 1/25
Aurora Traffic, Bizzy Bee TE and Zaney Clicks

Thursday 1/26
Dracula Hits, Nuclear Hits and Surf With the Titans

Friday 1/27
Spy Bubble Power and Traffic Corps

Saturday 1/28
500 Best Hits, Free Ad Swap, Northern Traffic and Quality Hits 4 U

Sunday 1/29
Euro Hits 4 U and Windpower TE

Weekly Promo Code

Thank you for reading my weekly newsletter. Here is a special newsletter promo code worth 500 credits, banner and text ad impressions, weekly123129 Enter the code and surf just 97 pages at Tornado Traffic to receive your Bonuses!

To Our Mutual Success,
Steven Ackerman

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