Tornado Traffic Weekly News (Volume 190)

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for reading the Tornado Traffic Weekly News.
This newsletter is posted every Monday to keep you informed of
what is happening at Tornado Traffic for the upcoming week.

Your comments, support and upvotes are very much appreciated!
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I will upvote your comments and you can earn some Crypto. When was the last time
you got paid for liking or commenting a post on Facebook or Twitter?

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Tornado Traffic Has Games

First we have the Word Search Game that is common to almost all LFMTE traffic exchanges.
As you surf you find letters until you finish the word or phrase, then you win a prize.
Your progress is displayed in the lower right corner of the surf screen.

Viral Traffic Games

This is my favorite TE game. You have a character that can collect items and do battle with
other players to win prizes. VTG also has weekly contests. The best part is every time you
play the game you will win credits, banners or text ads at the TE where you are playing.
To play just click the icon that appears in the surf bar.

VTG also offers advertising that displays at more that 380 TE’s and mailers.

The Food Game

This is a fun game you can play while surfing at Tornado Traffic or your other
favorite traffic exchanges. The game is to cook dishes with the ingredients you
have collected while surfing. There are a total of over 120 recipes you can learn
how to cook. When you cook a recipe, you will earn points. The people with the
most points at the end of the week will earn a Prize. The Food Game icon will
appear in the surf bar every 25 pages surfed.

Lost in Ad Spaces Helmet Passes

This is our newest game. Every 20 pages the Helmet Pass icon will appear in the surf bar.
Click on the icon to open the game page and win your pass. The more Helmet Passes you collect
during the week the bigger your chances to walk away with 1 of 20 cash prizes. To qualify
for the weekly cash prizes you must surf a minimum of 100 page at Lost in Ad Spaces.

Daily Promo Partners for This Week

Monday 5/22
Explosive Surf and Hits Gator

Tuesday 5/23
Traffic Jeanie

Wednesday 5/24
Aurora Traffic, Bizzy Bee TE and Zaney Clicks

Thursday 5/25
Dracula Hits, Nuclear Hits and Surf With the Titans

Friday 5/26
Spy Bubble Power and Traffic Corps

Saturday 5/27
500 Best Hits and Northern Traffic

Sunday 5/28
Trucking Traffic

Weekly Promo Code

Thank you for reading my weekly newsletter.
Here is a special newsletter promo code worth 250 credits,
banner and text ad impressions, weekly522528 Enter the code and
surf just 97 pages at Tornado Traffic to receive your Bonuses!

To Our Mutual Success,
Steven Ackerman

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