Tornado Traffic Weekly News (Volume 228)

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for reading the Tornado Traffic Weekly News.
This newsletter is posted every Monday to keep you informed of
what is happening at Tornado Traffic for the upcoming week.

Your comments, support and upvotes are very much appreciated!
You can also read and comment at the PeakD
on the Hive Block Chain!

I will upvote your comments and you can earn some Crypto. When was the last time
you got paid for liking or commenting a post on Facebook or Twitter?

Free Promo Codes For You

Free Promo Codes For You is growing and adding
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FPCFY also has a ranking system that rates your votes
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Can I ask you to please Vote for Tornado Traffic and
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They even have 2 splash pages that lists your top 5 picks.

This is a brand new site created by Jason Wise.
If your not familiar with Jason he has 2 previous
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Free Advertising For You
and Viral Mailer For You

I highly recommend all 3 of his sites! I use them
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Daily Promo Partners for This Week

Monday 2/19
Egyptian Hits and Texas Size Traffic

Tuesday 2/20
Bounty Surf, Silver Mountain Traffic and Traffic-Pond

Wednesday 2/21
Carrier Hits, Click Your Face Off and Pistol Packing Mama

Thursday 2/22
Dracula Hits, Nuclear Hits and Surf With the Titans

Friday 2/23
Spy Bubble Power

Saturday 2/24
500 Best Hits, Free Ad Swap and Northern Traffic

Sunday 2/25
eTraffic Freedom, Ferry Hits and Trucking Traffic

Weekly Promo Code

Thank you for reading my weekly newsletter.
Here is a special newsletter promo code worth 250 credits,
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To Our Mutual Success,
Steven Ackerman

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